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Why English Skills Matter for Students Applying for Japanese Government Scholarships

Thousands of ASEAN students benefit from Japanese government scholarships every year. These scholarships are also known as “Crown Scholarships.” These programs are designed by Japan’s Ministry of Education. They help many students receive low-cost higher education in Japan. From undergraduate students to research students – a variety of students from Thailand can apply for Japanese government scholarships. All of these scholarship winners have one thing in common – they have strong English skills. Do you want a Japanese government scholarship [ทุน รัฐบาล ญี่ปุ่น, which is the term in Thai]? Then you should start honing your English skills. Here’s why.

English Writing Tests

The Japanese government offers 10-15 “full scholarships” every year. These scholarships cover the students’ tuition fees, monthly expenses, medical fees, etc. Students who aim to pursue bachelor’s degrees at Japanese universities can benefit a lot from these scholarship programs. However, to qualify for these programs, students have to undergo various written exams. These exams are held across four locations Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Songkhla, and Khon Kaen. Students have to give these written examinations either in Japanese or English. Of course, taking the English option makes more sense for Thai students. Learning English won’t just help students take the scholarship exams, but it will also expand their career prospects.

English Interview

Students that pass the written exams are sent for interviews at the Japanese Embassy. Here, all Japanese government scholarship interviews are conducted in English. The scholarship winners are expected to have fairly strong English skills. That means they should be able to read, write, and even think in English. The stronger your English skills, the better your ability to settle down in a multicultural environment. That’s why the Japanese government is so particular about only giving scholarships to students who are proficient in English. All Japanese Government Scholarship applicants must take advanced English courses to increase their chances of qualifying.

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