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Why choose thc oil over smoking?

How Does CBD Affect Your Weight?Many people are now choosing to use THC oils over smoking cannabis. There are several compelling reasons why THC oils are a better option for some users.

THC oils allow for precise dosing. With smoking, it is hard to control or quantify how much THC you are consuming. However, with oils, you see the THC concentration and adjust your dose accordingly. It helps avoid accidentally taking too much. Managing side effects is easier when you carefully control dosages. It also enables you to find the optimal dose for your needs. Additionally, THC oils do not involve inhaling combustible smoke into your lungs. Smoking anything introduces tar, fine particulate matter, and other byproducts that damage lung health over time. Cannabis smoke contains ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde – all linked to lung problems. Using oils allows you to access the medicinal effects of cannabis without harming your respiratory system through toxic smoke. It makes oils a better choice for those concerned about lung health.

The effects from THC oils also tend to come on slower and last longer compared to smoking. Smoking leads to rapid onset of effects, which also fade faster. It means having to smoke every couple of hours. The more gradual, longer-lasting effect profile of oils is often preferred. The slower onset gives users more control and the ability to stop if needed. And longer duration means less frequent dosing is required. THC oils also lead to a somewhat different range of effects compared to smoking cannabis. While smoking causes an instantaneous “high”, oils provide a milder, calmer experience. This enables users to target certain symptoms and conditions more accurately. For example, oils work better for chronic pain relief or inflammatory conditions due to the longer, milder effects.

Importantly, THC oils are much more discreet than smoking cannabis. The strong, distinctive smell of cannabis smoke is absent when using oils. Oils are used subtly in public with little to no odor issues. And capsules containing THC oils offer maximum discretion for those needing daytime symptom relief. Research shows thc oil has superior bioavailability compared to smoking cannabis. Bioavailability refers to how much THC makes it into the bloodstream and circulation. With smoking, bioavailability ranges from 10-35%. Whereas absorption of THC from oils can reach rates above 90%, depending on the product. So users access more of the potential benefits from the THC itself using oils. When smoking, much THC is lost or destroyed in sidestream/combustion processes.

The better taste of THC oils also makes them more palatable for some users. The harsh, acrid smoke from cannabis is unpleasant for many – especially medical patients. Oils offer precise flavors that completely avoid any smoky aftertaste. Products like flavored sprays and gummies make consumption even more enjoyable. Smoking cannabis still offers some unique benefits not provided by oils though. For one, smoking leads to practically instantaneous effects, which recreational users often prefer. Additionally, smoking remains the only way to access extremely high THC concentrations – up to 90% in concentrates like wax and shatter.

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