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What is Rolex Oyster Perpetual? 

What is Rolex Oyster Perpetual? 

While the splashiest Rolex-related heading of the day is the announcement of a new 41mm Submariner, that’s not the only new watch we’re getting from the Crown on this warm summer evening. It’s not the only new 41mm watch, as it turns out. The Oyster Perpetual, which is the access point right into Rolex’s collection, is now available in a 41mm case dimension, changing the 39mm, and signing up with the 36mm, 34mm, 31mm, as well as 28mm alternatives. The 39mm wasn’t included all that long back till 2015, as well as became something of a cult watch in its relatively short lifespan.

There are a few variations of the OP 41 at launch, done in stainless steel. But there are two special pieces that Rolex is advertising as the “hero” items: One has a “brilliant black” sunray dial with white-gold hour pens, as well as hands, while the other has a silver sunray finish dial with yellow-gold hour markers as well as hands. The latter is an entirely new dial configuration for Rolex, as well as it looks quite handsome from the supply photos provided to journalism. It will be interesting to see face to face how the gold and silver play off one another. The other versions have brilliant dials like those on the new OP 36 designs, yet Rolex has not given any type of images of these versions of the OP 41, so inspect that tale out to obtain a feeling of how vibrant those blue, green, as well as yellow options, are.

All variants can be found in the same steel instance on the same steel Oyster armband, and are powered by the new Quality 3230, which is the same souped-up motion in the new Submariner. It has the Chronergy escapement and a longer power reserve, making these watches even better for everyday vehicle drivers.

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