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Ways You Can Prepare For A Scholarship

In addition to the great demand for work and content to study, we know that many people are unaware of techniques that would facilitate the learning process when preparing for scholarship like Singapore scholarship (ทุน สิงค์ โป ร์ which is the term in Thai). We have separated some suggestions and methods that can help you prepare for the test with that in mind. Like the idea? So check it out:

1. Plan Your Time

Set aside time to study and, preferably, not the day before the exam. This will help you process all the content, study with ease and concentration. When we plan, there is time for the unforeseen. So, if necessary, give yourself time to review some points about which you are not completely sure. A tip for this is: make a calendar with the exam plan and schedule which chapters, topics, and exercises you will study in your week. Give priority to the most difficult content; this prevents you from procrastinating and not having time to study with the necessary dedication to the subject that requires more attention. Avoid fragmenting the content. By structuring the study sessions logically, you assimilate the material with ease.

2. Give Your Mind Time To Absorb The Information.

Did you know that we can only absorb a certain amount of information for a certain amount of time? Take breaks, so your brain has time to absorb the information it has just learned. Study for 30 minutes and rest your mind for 10 minutes. You can enjoy having a coffee, taking a walk and relaxing a bit.

This method helps to avoid being lazy to study, as if you do uninterrupted study sessions, you will tire much more and become less motivated to continue. Rest is critical to maximizing your potential.

3. Shape Your Studies According To The Type Of Test

The first thing is: ask the teacher what methods he intends to use in the assessment. With this, you can simulate your test. For example, if your test is full of problems, a study by solving problems; if the test is an essay, train essay answers; whether it’s true or false, think of questions that can be phrased that way.

Put yourself in the teacher’s shoes, but remember that doesn’t mean you’re going to figure out exactly what questions will be on the test. This method is to train your mind and help you to see the content broadly, in various formats and situations.

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