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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Professionally Installed Home Security

Americans are more cognizant about home security than ever before. Thanks to the proliferation of DIY technology, it is no longer unusual to visit the home of a friend or family member only to discover a recently installed security system. While DIY systems certainly have their place at the table, a professionally installed system is a better option for some property owners.


For the record, professionally installed systems have been around from the very start of home security. The difference with modern systems is they do not necessarily have to be wired. Wired options do exist, but the vast majority of new systems installed in existing home are wireless.


Vivint Smart Home, a nationwide provider of home security systems and smart home equipment, says there are some very good reasons to choose a professionally installed security system. Below are six of those reasons.


1. You’re Not Tech Savvy


Wireless security systems are not necessarily difficult to install if you are good with technology. You would probably be okay if you are capable of connecting devices across a local wi-fi network. But if that little bit of technology is frightening, you are candidate for professional installation.


Let’s face it, there are some among us who never quite mastered programming first-generation thermostats and VCRs. Setting up a wireless security system seems much too daunting. There is nothing wrong with that. Technology isn’t easy for everyone. It’s better to choose professional installation and get it done right than trying to install a DIY system without the right technical know-how.


2. You Don’t Need the Hassle


Even if you are tech savvy, setting up a security system can be a hassle. In fact, Vivint talks about the hassle in a recent blog post. At any rate, the easiest way to eliminate the hassle is to choose professional installation. You sit back and relax with a cold beverage while trained security professionals do all the work.


You do not have to lift a finger or climb a ladder. You don’t have to read pages of detailed instructions to figure out how to get device A to talk to device B. Your only responsibility is to watch what the installer is doing and ask questions if you have them.


3. You’re Not Sure about Configuration


It’s not uncommon to invest in a DIY home security system only to find out you’re not getting maximum protection. This is due to the simple fact that not everyone knows the correct configuration for their needs. A lack of configuration knowledge leads to poor buying decisions and equally poor installation strategies.


Trained professionals are experts in security system configuration. For example, they know the very best locations for installing cameras to keep an eye on the front door. They know how to install motion sensors in such a way that your dog isn’t continually tripping false alarms while you’re at work.


Trained professionals are familiar with how lighting and weather affect exterior camera images. They know the best location for your security hub. In other words, professional installation is a better choice if you don’t know anything about properly configuring security devices.


4. You Want It to Work Out-Of-The-Box


The biggest downside to DIY home security is that individual components do not always work together. Every component in your base system may work just fine when you first install it. But then try adding devices. You might not get away so easily. It’s quite possible that a new device will not work very well with your existing system, if at all.


Choosing professional installation guarantees components will work out-of-the-box. But that’s not all. You can scale with the same company, knowing that whatever equipment they add to your system will also work from day one. You won’t have to worry about mixing and matching components that require hacking to get them to work together.


5. You Want Post-Installation Training


One of the biggest pluses of professional installation is the training that often comes with it. Invest in professional installation and your security tech is likely to run through every aspect of how the system works before they leave your home. Your tech will teach you how to use the system the right way. And if you ever have questions, your provider is but a phone call away.


DIY systems are just that. You install them yourself. Unfortunately, you also have to teach yourself how to use them. Sure, most DIY systems come with instruction manuals. But a manual alone may not be enough. You might be the kind of person who needs a more hands-on instruction. If so, professional installation is your better bet.


6. You Want to Incorporate Home Automation


For some people, the big thing tipping them toward professional installation is the desire to incorporate home automation with security. They do not just want a few wireless cameras and motion sensors. They want a full security system that also integrates with electronic door locks, smart lighting, a smart thermostat, etc.


The thing about wireless systems is that they become exponentially more complex as you add devices. Setting up one security camera on your wi-fi network is fairly easy. Setting up three cameras is more difficult. Add a complete selection of home automation equipment and you are suddenly looking at a complex web of devices and wi-fi signals.


Adding home automation to your security system is a very good reason to choose professional installation. Professionally trained techs will get everything set up and working properly before they leave. You will rest well in the knowledge that your system is working the way it was intended to.


The point of all of this is not to say that DIY security systems are worthless. They are anything but. In fact, DIY home security is the right choice for homeowners who want to save money and who have the technical abilities to configure and install wireless equipment. But we are not all like that. For the rest of us, professional installation is the way to go. Now you know why.

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