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Three Creative Destructions Bravely Change the Style of Business

Nowadays we enter to the tremendous era in which it is also called as the era of billions of opportunities. It is the time whereas innovation is not luxury instead of the mainstream need to do if you want your business keep standing.

There are creative destructions which are roaming around business and always ready to destruct your business at any time. Actually these creative destructions could be your asset if you are eager to be a winner instead it is to be a liability if you more prefer to be a loser to a winner.

Customers Are Connected

It is a first time in history of human after being found such social technologies that make consumers are connected each other forming costumer networks. These costumer networks elaborate to be clusters of consumers due to the same interest and goal to create a community.

Based on this, internet is to be a massive power which is able to change market condition.  Thus, it is understandable if some people said that the future of marketing is community marketing

Consumption Becomes Collaborative

Why people do not share each other for using a certain facility? It could save more money and more energy, couldn’t it? Collaborative consumption that is run in peer-to-peer platform is possible. This business model is underlying companies operation at future.

With collaborative consumption, you should not have a product you consume. It will definitely save resources. This system could be applied to all kind of products or services.

Bits Is the Killer App

The biggest transformation faced by human at this century is the revolution from “atoms” to “bits”. This revolution makes the old style of businesses get down with the newer business at the same goal.

When information is packed in bits, it will be available in abundant, searchable, and free. It is as if oxygen spreading on earth. Once a thing become to be bits, it will be come to be free inevitably. Therefore, being created such a killer business model named free business model.

Those three phenomena are the biggest problems on businessmen face which need to be fixed every marketer. Those could not be easily fixed because involve the change of the fundamental game rules. To fix it, marketer must be able to create inner sense of urgency. They need to get out from cozy zone and bravely respond the creative destructions in the paradigms and approaches applied.

The complicated matter which always accompanies paradigm change is the past legacy. It makes our brain frozen for a big change.

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