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Things to Know About Booking Car Plate Number

 You have bought a new car but don’t know how to book your car number. Then with some simple steps, you can easily book your car number. Now the question comes why do you need a car plate. To this question, the answer to that it gives validity and uniqueness to your car. Before Booking Car Plate Number [รับ จอง ทะเบียน รถยนต์ which is the term in Thai] you have to register first. This registration requires various paperwork. In the initial period, the dealer will give a temporary registration number. The number will be valid at least for two months; after you get the final one, you can use a new one.

Registration with all the necessary Details

As registration is the first step, you have to do it very carefully. You have to give all the necessary details of your purchase, along with it your documents. The documents will include a driving license, invoice, and all valid information regarding your car. The process of registration will require some time. In the meantime, you have to use the temporary license number to move about in the car. After the registration is complete, it will go for verification. The process will take at least four to five days to complete the work.

Choosing a Customized Car Plate 

There is an option for you to choose your plate number. You can order for your customize car plate number. But this process involves the understanding of numbers. According to that, you can choose your number to get a unique lookGetting the latest car plate number is vital, making your car very unique from any other car. After the completion of all the processes, finally, you have to go and collect your unique car plate number. The entire process of booking your car number is easy, and it will be over within five days.

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