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Successful Marketing in Hospitality: The Key to Keeping Customers Coming

Hotels are often situated in areas populated with tourists, whether the holiday trade has grown over time, or the owners have elected to build in such a place. However, attempting to build your business in such a location can have its downfalls, as competition comes thick and fast. It is absolutely vital to get your marketing strategy right so that customers choose your establishment over those that stand beside you.

Choose your marketing wisely

A great way to draw customers in, and to keep them coming back, is to create a bold brand identity; make sure that your establishment stands out from the crowd. It is essential to create consistency across your brand. One way to establish your hotel’s name is with the introduction of branded items; whether they’re small takeaway items such as toiletries, gourmet products from the minibar, linen, or clothing, branded accessories are a fantastic way of introducing and reinforcing your business’s name, as well as encouraging customer loyalty. Online stores, which sell a range of products bearing your logo, can also work as a great marketing tool, ensuring that customers are never far from an item bearing your name. Be creative and innovative; some of the most luxurious establishments thrive on being unique and easily recognizable.

The internet has made vast changes to the ways in which hotels market themselves to customers. Slick, easily navigable websites are an absolute must, while registering with sites such as Trip Advisor, and those of local tourism boards, can be a fantastic way of networking with potential customers. Listen intently to feedback and learn from your mistakes; the customer’s word can be gold dust to a business.

The talented Mr. Wynn

Hotel magnate Stephen Wynn, namesake of the Stephen Wynn Institute for Vision Research, is no stranger to the hospitality industry. He has gradually perfected the art of creating luxury brand identities to attract customers to his resorts. Not only is Stephen an innovator when it comes to designing the very best hotels and resorts, he is also an expert when it comes to marketing his developments successfully. The Wynn brand is one that is renowned across the world for its luxury experiences and comfortable stays, and few people can hear Stephen’s name without instantly thinking of one of his ventures.

You could have the very best, most luxurious hotel in your immediate area, but if nobody knows you’re there it can be hard to convince guests to come and stay. Marketing, and getting your name out there, ensures that your voice is heard above the crowd.

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