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Why English Skills Matter for Students Applying for Japanese Government Scholarships


Thousands of ASEAN students benefit from Japanese government scholarships every year. These scholarships are also known as “Crown Scholarships.” These programs are designed by Japan’s Ministry of Education. They help many students receive low-cost higher education in Japan. From undergraduate students to research students – a variety of students from Thailand can apply for Japanese government scholarships. All of these scholarship winners have one thing in common – they have strong English skills. Do you want a Japanese government scholarship [ทุน รัฐบาล ญี่ปุ่น, which is the term in Thai]? Then you should start honing your English skills. Here’s why.

English Writing Tests

The Japanese government offers 10-15 “full scholarships” every year. These scholarships cover the students’ tuition fees, monthly expenses, medical fees, etc. Students who aim to pursue bachelor’s degrees at Japanese universities can benefit a lot from these scholarship programs. However, to qualify for these programs, students have to undergo various written exams. These exams are held across four locations Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Songkhla, and Khon Kaen. Students have to give these written examinations either in Japanese or English. Of course, taking the English option makes more sense for Thai students. Learning English won’t just help students take the scholarship exams, but it will also expand their career prospects.

English Interview

Students that pass the written exams are sent for interviews at the Japanese Embassy. Here, all Japanese government scholarship interviews are conducted in English. The scholarship winners are expected to have fairly strong English skills. That means they should be able to read, write, and even think in English. The stronger your English skills, the better your ability to settle down in a multicultural environment. That’s why the Japanese government is so particular about only giving scholarships to students who are proficient in English. All Japanese Government Scholarship applicants must take advanced English courses to increase their chances of qualifying.

English Teaching For Kindergarten – Why Teach Kids From Such A Tender Age


English is the first and foremost language in the world. All the major companies will at least look for candidates with proper fluency in English. So, kids are taught the values of English language from a rather tender age. It is always important for you to know more about the centers, from where your kids will get the best understanding of this language and can master it in the fastest possible manner. 

Get hold of the best team of experts, who are known for the best English teaching for kindergarten [สอน ภาษา อังกฤษ เด็ก อนุบาล, which is the term in Thai]. So, your little ones will master this global language right from a tender age. So, when the time comes to get a job, they will be completely prepared to take up the challenges.

Why teach kids at such a tender age?

Now you must be wondering why teach kids English from such a tender age. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Let’s just start off by saying that kindergarten kids have a memory of water. So, once they learn something that will stick to their brains forever.

  • So, helping them to learn English at this stage will give them a complete grip over the language.
  • Whatever they are going to learn, they are not going to forget that anytime soon.
  • Moreover, if you start teaching kids English from kindergarten, then they will have enough time to master the language when they reach their adulthood.
  • Once they have the mastery over English language, they can always address some other foreign languages to help improve their score and bag the best jobs globally, when the right time comes.

So, without wasting any time further, enroll your kids in one such kindergarten, where English teaching for young kids [สอน ภาษา อังกฤษ เด็ก เล็ก, which means in thai] takes the front seat in terms of priority. 

Strengthen family relationships is key to a happy home


Parents are key

Parents play an important role in building a strong and happy family. To strengthen family relationships (สร้าง ความ สัมพันธ์ ใน ครอบครัว ให้ อบอุ่น, which is the term in Thai) there must be honesty, love, and trust among all the members of the family so that one is there for the other at any time of crisis. To build a happy home, some small steps are enough. Finding time to share meals with family at least once in 24 hours, spending quality time with each other, spending time with each family member, being involved in both good and bad times and sharing expressions of love and support are some of the simple steps to build a strong family with little effort. All of these are possible if your family takes out time and enjoys a holiday in their favourite tourist spot.

Communication is important

Let us talk to each other about all big and small issues. It is not wise to lighten the gravity of the topic with sheer laughter. Patient and honest listening is a sign of showing respect to the other person in front of you. Be communicative when others in the family are running through tension and never ignore them. Ignorance may ruin trust among the family members is always better to plan a holiday outside the hometown or home country and be with each other which will give the opportunity to communicate among all members of the family. Being with nature brings out a lot of inner courage and strength.


Appreciation and spirituality

Every family has challenges, crisis, and stress. During the crisis, appreciate the little effort they made to understand during such challenging times. Parents must use appreciative and encouraging language and gestures. Children will pick up such generous gestures from their parents. Spiritual wellness is very important for the strength of a happy family. It helps the future generation to learn the belief of the greater power that their family follows. This helps to develop peace in mind and body.

The Changing Trends Of Choosing White Spirit Drinks In Thailand


Time has always been the constant change in this world. Countless times we see this in our own lives as well as society in general – the rise and fall of trends. There are things that come in fashion, become hugely popular and with times die a natural death and its place is taken up by another popular trend. The lovers and connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages display the same trend as well when they shift from their favourite drinks to something else. If you look up www.brandbuffet.in.th/2021/11/tangueray-gin-vs-vodka/ you will see that there is a huge demand created for the white drinks in place of the regular coloured ones.

What Is The Most Popular White Alcoholic Beverage

If the trends are to be believed then the two popular drinks right now is Vodka and Gin.  Vodka is more of a tasteless white drink that is devoid of any aroma and flavour. It is already very popular among people and has a fan following of its own. Though there was always following for Gin as a drink it was enjoyed by a smaller group of people. That is, however, seeing a change in recent past. More and more people are not only asking for this drink but increasingly interested in trying different brands and varieties both as neat and in the form of cocktails.

How Is Gin and Vodka Served

For a long time both and Gin and Vodka have been popular parts of some of the most famous cocktails across the world. These are very agreeable when used in combination with other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to make some of the finest and delicious cocktails. Both the drinks have found patrons over the years that have seriously liked and appreciated their individual taste. Gin has been widely appreciated for its robust flavours that is best enjoyed neat as we as in combination with other drinks. The famous Gin and Tonic is a flavourful cocktail made with use of Tonic water and Gin served with a huge quantity of ice as well.

Get to know the varieties of Micronware trash cans 


Do you want to bring some interesting touch to regular cleaning activities? Nobody loves to clean trash cans in the morning. It is the grossest job you have no choice but to do. But now you can make it interesting by adding some pops. For this, you can buy different types of Micronware trash cans. There are more varieties that you are not aware of now. So, you can choose any one as per your choices. Different trash can serve different purposes. They have pros and cons as well. You can pick with or without a lid. There are automatic versions as well, but these are expensive.

Step on trash cans

The most conventional type you will notice in every home is step-on trash cans. These cans come with a pedal attachment; you do not have to touch the dirty garbage pots. You can use the pedal attachments to open and do the job. So, as you can see, the biggest benefit of this type is hygiene. Pedal trash cans give you the most cleaning and hygienic purposes among all other inexpensive options. There is no need to use your hands. even if you invest in the automatic one, it reduces the probability of fingerprints on the touchpads. But lids immediately fall if you remove the foot. So, it may break easily if you don’t pay attention. Some lids are too tight to open with hands, even in an emergency.

Swing lid garbage cans

The second convenient options for the homeowners are the swing lid one. You just need to gently push the lid with your hands, and you can put the garbage inside the pots. Some trash cans are equipped with high-quality springs, automatically closed. The benefit of having swing trash cans lids are closed automatically. But this option is not at all hygienic. The swing lid gets dirty often. So, you can’t use it for the kitchen area. 

How Towing and Payload Works?


Vehicles are marketed by their horsepower, but with vehicles, the capability is king. Vehicle makers are everything about torque, as well as the greatest feasible towing ability. But that’s not always the entire story, and the highest number might not also apply to the vehicle you’re thinking about acquiring.

Towing capacity is how much the vehicle can draw, while haul capacity is how much it can carry. These can rely on such variables as the vehicle’s arrangement, its engine, its framework, as well as transmission, rear axle ratio, as well as its weight, and there can be a substantial array over a vehicle’s complete schedule. Sport-utilities, as well as cars and vehicles, can be ranked for towing, but for this, we’ll stick with towing vehicles. Likewise note that this is a general explanation of capacity generally, and the kind of trailer, as well as hitch you utilize, can impact how much you ought to be pulling with your own vehicle.

There are several vehicle scores that aid to establish how much should be carried or towed. The GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Ranking is the overall the vehicle can securely consider when it’s loaded. That includes the curb weight, the vehicle with absolutely nothing in it, plus whatever goes in, including travelers as well as freight. It also consists of tongue weight, which isn’t the weight of the trailer itself; however, the descending pressure it exerts on the trailer hitch ball. If you’re lugging a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer, the downward pressure it puts on the vehicle bed is called the kingpin weight.

Makers also define a GVWR or Gross Combined Weight Rating which is the maximum of the vehicle and everything in it, plus the trailer as well as the weight of everything on it. These optimal scores are established by the producer to function securely within the vehicle’s capacity. If it’s loaded past that weight, things can fail, and it can impact the brakes, transmission, suspension, as well as tires.

To Read more [อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai], please visit the link.

Is It Worth Visiting Khao Yai National Park?


Khao Yai National Park is lying around 2.5 hours north of Bangkok and is among Thailand’s best national forests. Established in 1962, it was Thailand’s initial national forest as well as is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

I would always hear wonderful aspects of the park while I resided in the country. Despite residing in Thailand for a number of years, I never managed to get there. Yet, fortunately, a play tour guide to a buddy from Boston on a recent see as well as utilize that as my justification to finally make it there.

To get an idea of Tent spots in Khaoyai [ที่กางเต้นท์เขาใหญ่, which is the term in Thai], please follow the link.

I cannot think it took me as long

The park is absolutely amazing. It’s loaded with rich flora as well as fauna, falls, tons of birds, lovely walkways, a few wild elephants, and is vacant of visitors.

Getting to our guesthouse in the afternoon, we were in the nick of time to make a half-day scenic tour. This tour brought you to a few caverns and an all-natural spring. The first cave was housed to over 2,000 bats, as well as utilized to be a Buddhist monastery prior to the local community aided to develop the monks a correct temple. Nonetheless, the monks still boil down here in the evening to meditate. I presume the darkness, as well as harmony, are good for reflection.

Our overview appeared to be professional in every little thing, showing all of us the insects, discussing the life cycle of bats, as well as giving us a dirt lesson on the composition of the dust as well as how bat guano can be utilized to make nitroglycerin. Normally, when you’re going to Thailand, tourist guides are just ushers, walking you from area to place, reviewing every bit, allowing you to take your pictures, and later proceeding. However, this overview knew all of it, as well as was able to explain the background and zoology of not this cave; however, the whole region.

Why Should International Students Study In Japan?


How does the concept of studying abroad sound to you? Exploring a new society, different than your own, opens up new paths in life you have never envisioned. Studying abroad in Japan is a choice you ought to seriously take into consideration.

Japan, “Nihon,” ” Nippon,” or as even more widely called “The Land of the Rising Sun” is an island country situated in East Asia in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean. It includes five main islands as well as spans around 7,000 island archipelagos. Did you recognize that human habitation of the Japanese island chain was mapped back to prehistoric times, around 30,000 years ago?

To know about Japanese government scholarship [ทุน รัฐบาล ญี่ปุ่น, which is the term in Thai]¸ please click on the link.

Why research abroad in Japan? You will discover yourself living in amongst the most urbanized as well as largely booming countries worldwide. As a matter of fact, the Greater Tokyo location is the most populous location in the world, with more than 37 million residents! In Japan, you will have the option to stay amongst the major five islands: Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu, Okinawa, or Kyushu.

The country is rather hilly, yet the seaside life will also offer you the chance to discover the countless islands as you examine abroad in Japan. Imagine checking out Mount Fuji, the highest possible mountain in Japan, located on the island of Honshu. The famous Mount Fuji is the second greatest volcano situated on an island in Asia and has the seventh-highest island hill peak in the world.

Greater than 300,000 worldwide students for many years have selected Japan up until now as their study location, for multiple reasons. Despite which subject you have an interest in studying, if you study abroad in Japan, you will get the experience of living worldwide’s the third-biggest economy, since Japan is a great economic power.

The nation is a member of numerous worldwide organizations like the United Nations, the Organization for Economic Co-operations and Development, and the Group of Seven. In addition, the nation is ranked fourth in relation to armed forces power, is a pioneer with contributions in science and innovation, and preserves amongst the globe’s highest life expectancies!

Aamir Khan is celebrating his 57th birthday and on this occasion he revealed the ‘best birthday present’ he got from his ex-wife Kiran Rao!


Then Aamir asked her to list his weaknesses and shortcomings so that he could work on them. Then Kiran Rao gave him ten to twelve points, whereupon Aamir sat down and wrote those points down. So that was the best birthday present of his life, Laal Singh Chaddha actor revealed.

Aamir Khan Birthday Special: Aamir Khan revealed on his 57th birthday that he has been given the best birthday present ever. According to some media reports, Aamir Khan was enjoying his ex-wife Kiran giving him the best birthday present. Aamir revealed that after Kiran returned from a month-long shooting schedule in Bhopal this week, the ex-couple sat down to chat. At that point, Aamir asked him to list his weaknesses and shortcomings so that he could work on them. Then Kiran Rao gave him ten to twelve points, whereupon Aamir sat down and wrote those points down. So that was the best birthday present of his life, Laal Singh Chaddha actor revealed.

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Academy Award winner and MCU star William Hurt dead at 71


It’s a sad day in the entertainment industry…

William Hurt, the Oscar-winning actor known for Kiss of the Spider Woman and his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, passed away on Sunday. He was 71 years old. His son, Will Hurt, announced the tragic news in a statement to Deadline, revealing that the star died of natural causes:

“It is with great sadness that the Hurt family mourns the passing of William Hurt, beloved father and Oscar-winning actor, on March 13, 2022, a week before his 72nd birthday. He died peacefully, surrounded by family, of natural causes. The family is asking for privacy at this time.”

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Such a pity…

When the news broke, Hurt was mourned by several friends and fans on social media, including his Broadcast News co-star Albert Brooks, who wrote:

“RIP William Hurt. So sad to hear this news. Working with him on Broadcast News was great. He will be greatly missed.”

Topher Grace of That 70’s Show, who worked with Hurt in the 2011 film Too Big to Fail, expressed his condolences to his family:

“Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with William Hurt. I admired his acting immensely and it was remarkable to see his commitment in person. My thoughts are with his family.”

Avengers: Endgame co-cast member Mark Ruffalo said:

“Wow, another great loss to the acting community. Great actor. Brilliant brain. REST IN PEACE.”

In case you didn’t know, Hurt began his career in the entertainment industry in 1977 and landed a recurring role on the television series Kojak. He then made his big screen debut in the psychological horror film Altered States in 1980. Throughout his career, Hurt acquired over 100 acting credits — playing a wide variety of characters in everything from comedy to drama to science fiction and more. However, he may be best known for his Academy Award-winning role in the 1985 film Kiss of the Spider Woman. Hurt was later nominated again for an Oscar for Children of a Lesser God, Broadcast News, and A History of Violence.

Recently, he was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hurt played Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross in The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and End Game, plus Black Widow.

Hurt is survived by his four children. We keep his family in our thoughts at this difficult time.

Rest in peace William…

[Image via Wall Street Journal/YouTube]

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