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MindGeek Took Down For Infringement Of Their Contents


The adult industry is no joke. With such a hardcore competition all the way around, it becomes really tough to stand out in the crowd. People are always interested to try out a new pornography site for some alone enjoyment. But, if the contents of any particular site remain similar to other website, then that’s a bummer. That’s exactly what happened between MindGeek and

MindGeek is a renowned and marketing king in the field of online adult features. It has worked with some of the major names in this industry, and this online pornography site has everything that your heart and eyes desire. However, was also one leading pornography site with good followers and hits on a monthly basis. However, this made the huge mistake of copying multiple copyright protected videos from MindGeek. 

Upon finding the mistake, MindGeek sent repeated requests to take down their contents from the site. However, the operators of systematically ignored all those requests and that lead to disastrous results. MindGeek, after requesting the company, did its part and sued the company with $462M lawsuit. That was quite a heavy blow for the entire company, which resulted in its locking down. It was a good site, but such a grave mistake leads this pornography site nowhere.

The damages that have been made:

MindGeek is now trying hard to seek maximum statutory damages of around $150,000 with respect to every work that has been infringed. Along with the attorney’s fee, the total amount has been $462M, which is more than what can even think of paying. 

Just last month only, the USA District Judge, Benjamin Settle, ordered for one motion for the early discovery for identifying the Does and connects all the dots through some of the subpoenas to the current USA providers. Some of the examples of such providers are Cloudflare,, Domain Protection Services, Tucows Domains Inc.,, Comodo Inc. and the Internet Security Research Group. 

The early discovery was actually an important step in this field of copyright claim as the attorneys working for MindGeek will not always have the information on all possible John Doe defendants, with some exceptions made of the current business contacts. 

The final verdict:

In the end, actually ended up closing its entire site, which was a huge loss for the operators. There is no shortcut to be famous in any business, and that goes for best site as well. 

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