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Marketing Strategies That Can Make Your Customers Feel Like Family

The marketing strategies you employ for the upcoming year can help make or break your business. While some of the latest trends may be paths to increasing your website traffic or growing your brand, focusing on customer service, not numbers, can be one of the most effective tactics. Happy customers return often, tell others about the service they received, and, in some cases, talk about your brand on their social media feeds. If you want to make your customers feel more like family, there are several clever ways to accomplish this.

Understand Their Greatest Needs

Consumers tend to gravitate toward businesses that anticipate and service their most important needs. Knowing what these needs are can help you mold your company in a way that provides more direct services to your clients. While this might seem like a large undertaking, there is a simple way to discover what these needs are, and it is only a mouse click away.

Once customers subscribe to your business, have them fill out a short online customer service form that lets you know how they found out about you and what they value most in customer service relations. You can choose options such as direct contact in case an order needs to be changed or canceled, affordable shipping, and how easily products can be found on your website. The more you know about what is important to your clients, the easier it can be to satisfy these needs.

Have a Problem/Solution Plan in Place

Few situations can torpedo your business like a public relations disaster. Many consumers tend to take their complaints directly to social media, which can create negative word of mouth and cause people to avoid your business. Having a plan in place before problems arise, not after, may help you solve issues quickly and avoid bad publicity.

For example, if a customer experienced a shipping issue and an order went to the wrong address, answer inquiries right away and make them a priority. Ask the customer if you might have the opportunity to correct the problem as soon as possible and ask what you can do for them in the meantime. This attention to the mishap might soothe ruffled feathers and help you keep your customer.

Avoid Pandering To Your Customers

Today’s customers are savvier than those in the past because technology has given them the ability to instantly look up any business, access their website from any mobile device, and read reviews before they make a purchasing choice. As a result, most consumers can sense when they are being pandered or condescended to. This can make them want to look elsewhere for the products and services you provide; however, there is a way to avoid this.

As you create your marketing plan, consider what your clientele would like to see rather than what you want to offer them. For example, if you plan to create a video channel, consider presenting your customers with valuable or entertaining information that you can tie in with your products. If you manufacture organic pet food, create videos that discuss how different breeds have varied dietary needs and then mention how your company’s product might help you meet them. Talking to your customers instead of selling to them can make them feel valued and therefore more loyal to your brand.

Follow in the Footsteps of Success

Take the time to discover what successful and experienced marketing moguls, such as Mark Crumpacker, recommend if you feel stalled with your own plan. Learning from those who have already braved the marketing maze might inspire you and give you a few ideas to revitalize your strategies. Of course, it is important to remember that originality can be as important as the lessons you learn, so put your own unique spin on each.

When customers feel like family, they tend to feel loyalty toward your brand. Devising strategies that keep them happy can boost your profits and client base, no matter the size of your business.

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