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How to Treat Your Old Sticky Label to Be Sticky Again

All products on market must have sticky labels either for the brand, price or the other important information for the consumers. Besides for personalizing products for sales, sticky labels with different style and models can be applied for the other functions such as personalized gadget cases, personalized gifts, personalized bags and many more. Such a sticky sticker is one of the most straightforward ways to add any personalized embellishment for any kind of things.

Occasionally, the manufacturers produce a wide range of high quality stickers which enable to be used for repeated use. You can stuck, remove and re-stuck the labels freely. However, no matter how great the quality of the sticker is, it can be worn off for repeated use. Here are the tips how to make the sticker sticky again.

Prepare the Work Space

Firstly, make sure the surface you will work is protected by something to avoid it from sticky mess. You enable to use newspaper for this. But, working at outside is better if there is no wind blowing.

Prepare the Sticky Label

Then, prepare the sticky labels, sticker or whatever kind of your personalized sticker that you need to make it sticky again. Place those on the newspaper reversal, the sticky side is on the top.

Remove the Cap and Spray the Surface

The next step is removing the cap from your spray glue.  Such glue will create such a tacky surface, like a natural adhesive sticker. Then, spray the adhesive in motion sweep to the sticker surface as far as 6-8 inches from the surface. Make sure the back side is totally covered by the adhesive spray.

Dry the Surface

Once the surface was sprayed totally, let it to be dried approximately 20 minutes. Then, apply to the surface of the craft. You may apply this treatment if you want it not permanent. For permanent use, instantly apply the sticker after spraying. So, it will be sticky much longer.

Now, the sticky labels are ready to use. You can store the labels for a while on the waxed paper. But, don’t forget to apply a thin spray adhesive to it. Let it to be cured for about 20 minutes. Press the sticker to the waxed paper tightly. This coat makes the sticker easy to be removed when you want to use the sticker later.

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