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How to Move the Start Up Forward from Bad Situation on Your Business

Establishing a start-up might be easy for you who have a plethora of capital. But, keeping the success and increasing the reputation is so hard to do, moreover if you have no enough knowledge about the start-up which is in the middle of critical condition. Less knowledge can be such a boomerang for the business itself. If taking wrong step, the start-up will lose and the reputation will get worse. So, how to move the start-up forward even if it is in the most difficult situation ever? These are several tips to educate you how to move the start-up in bad situation.1. Build the Branding With One GoalBuilding a brand with one gaol will make you easy to focus in move the start-up for forward. Along with the branding improvement you build, you will start to inspire improving the product and the goal adjusted to what you learn from the real condition on market.2. Form a Team QuicklyTypically, a start-up will give probation within 3 months to the new team members. Never feel uncomfortable if it turns out that a new member of the team does not give any meaningful contribution within the probation. Just end the cooperation and try to get a high-quality new member and suitable for the criteria needed.3. Use Prepayment SystemPrepayment system might show that the start-up owner has a hardship financial experience. This system turns out bringing many profit, for instance make the capital easier to back and avoid any unwanted trouble, such as the client reject to pay the product or service given by the start-up.4. Avoid The Clients That Ask big Discount

It might sound weird. But it is one thing could happen on discount matter. Giving too big discount to a client will make the client ask more because they will think that the start-up is easy to beat. So, give proper price and proportional to the quality of the service given.

5. Use Smaller Contract System

A smaller contract system will make you more focus to the quantity of the product and service in smaller amount. Even though there is service after sales, the number is not as much as you agree for a big contract. The contract that has small value with high quality service will get the client entrust your start-up then give you a lot of more.

6. Manage the Clients and Manage The Products are Two things Different

Clients and products are to things you should take as primary stuff in a start-up. That is why you can build 2 different teams in order to make each team pay attention to their own job, manage the clients and manage the products. The result, high quality product and excellent service will attract more clients.

7. Learn from Experience

Passion and talent are not enough to make a start-up you build successful. The increased experiences will complete your passion and talent. Not all of experiences are happy story. but just believe that experience will make you more wise and selective in taking a decision.

8. Provide a Private Room for Each Team

How many teams should be there for a start-up? A new start-up might have less team. However, group the team in each room will make the team more relax and they can result various creative ideas that might make you shocked and glad, for sure. 9. No Need to Depend On to the Team Too Much

You might not have any capability in handling all start-up matters. But you can still learn every business process in the start-up. It is because if there is a team member who want to resign, you will not get any problem to handle what he/she used to do in the team.

The point is that you need to do effective and efficient actions when starting to pioneer a start-up. Use the power you have to manage the start-up wisely and full of responsibility.

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