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How to Create A Right Business Name for Your Business

What the result when you choose a business name with generic word? Of course your business is hard to remember. Moreover, your product is only the common thing, no special specification. It could make your business is easy to forget.

So, what the step to create a name of business or brand that is easy to remember and not only just a name? Check these following steps below:

Formulate the concept behind the name

Remember that the name of the business must represent the reason of business appearance. The name could answer important questions, for instance what is the main capability of the business? What value-added that could make your consumer choosing your product rather than others?

Congruent is not always meant that the name is synonym but it refers to the in line meaning instead of contradictory with what is offered.

Do Communication

In choosing the name of the business or brand, it must be understood that the name will be communicated to not only surrounding but also throughout the world. Thereby, make sure that the name chosen doesn’t mean positive connotation with all kind of languages.

If you decide to choose a particular name with no meaning at all or don’t have any negative connotation, you have to create such a tag-line as the additional meaning.

The tag-line could be formed with various ways, with the more focus name or even the short sentence beneath your name. Make sure the quality of the formula.

Besides the name and the Tag-line, it is the most influential matter that is visual communication through logo and color because you have already owned a concept before choosing the business name. Make sure that the logo and the company color is congruent.

Stay Keeping the Name

Of course the name of the business doesn’t work instantly. It is necessary such an active effort in order to make your business name familiar and keep standing in consumer’s mind.

Finally, keep in mind that no matter how wonderful your business name, the main requirement is what your action following is. Those are the harmony between the concept and the goal, verbal communication and visual and also real action. Those are what factors build the business.

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