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Get to know the varieties of Micronware trash cans 

Do you want to bring some interesting touch to regular cleaning activities? Nobody loves to clean trash cans in the morning. It is the grossest job you have no choice but to do. But now you can make it interesting by adding some pops. For this, you can buy different types of Micronware trash cans. There are more varieties that you are not aware of now. So, you can choose any one as per your choices. Different trash can serve different purposes. They have pros and cons as well. You can pick with or without a lid. There are automatic versions as well, but these are expensive.

Step on trash cans

The most conventional type you will notice in every home is step-on trash cans. These cans come with a pedal attachment; you do not have to touch the dirty garbage pots. You can use the pedal attachments to open and do the job. So, as you can see, the biggest benefit of this type is hygiene. Pedal trash cans give you the most cleaning and hygienic purposes among all other inexpensive options. There is no need to use your hands. even if you invest in the automatic one, it reduces the probability of fingerprints on the touchpads. But lids immediately fall if you remove the foot. So, it may break easily if you don’t pay attention. Some lids are too tight to open with hands, even in an emergency.

Swing lid garbage cans

The second convenient options for the homeowners are the swing lid one. You just need to gently push the lid with your hands, and you can put the garbage inside the pots. Some trash cans are equipped with high-quality springs, automatically closed. The benefit of having swing trash cans lids are closed automatically. But this option is not at all hygienic. The swing lid gets dirty often. So, you can’t use it for the kitchen area. 

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