Home Business Schools Citizenship Is The Best Return from Investment Although other fees may apply

Citizenship Is The Best Return from Investment Although other fees may apply

Citizenship Is The Best Return from Investment Although other fees may apply

The beautiful St. Lucia stretches across the eastern Caribbean Sea. Lying at the northwest of Barbados and in the south of Martinique, this island is the ideal example of rainforests and peaks. The twin peaks of Pitons and the serene beaches make the place one of the most attractive in the entire world. If you are already feeling that you should be staying there frequently, then here is your golden opportunity. If you have money to invest, you will be more than glad to invest in St Lucia’s economy. The perk? Well, get life-long citizenship on the island.

A mutualistic relationship

You must still be wondering how it is possible to get a visa with investment. But it is true as in 2016, the Government of St. Lucia declared that it will be possible now for any person to get citizenship in the country if the person is ready to make a considerable investment that will contribute to boosting the country’s economy. The investment will be a contribution to the Government or some approved enterprise. You can also invest in the real estate market, which is now quite a lucrative offer. You can benefit by reaping profit from the investment while the Government can enjoy economic strengthening.

A minimum amount of payment

There is always a minimum amount that you have to pay for citizenship in the form of investment. The minimum amount is US$100,000 in the form of National Economic Fund Investment. In each case, other fees may apply as the lawyers who will handle the legal part will charge you a remuneration. The real estate investment should be a minimum of US$300,000. And if you want to invest in an enterprise, you have to pay US$3,500,000. Presently, the Covid-19 bond relief is a lucrative offer that allows a minimum investment of US$250,000.

Grab the opportunity

As you will know, citizenship is something special due to the sheer benefits you can enjoy from the investment. You can invest the same amount in your country. But will that procure you the citizenship of a country? Moreover, can you get visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to more than 150 countries just with citizenship? It is true, so you must immediately visit StLuciaCitizenships.com to know about the plans for investments. If you are already planning to invest the money, then this can be a golden opportunity.




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