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Change Of License Plate Number When Moving: Is It Necessary?

Moving is always stressful because the formalities are the actual change of residence for many. Old contracts have to be terminated, new ones signed, and of course, you have to re-register. But what about the mobile pedestal? Does it have to change the license plate number when moving to a different registration district?

Until a few years ago, it was essential in some federal states to change the license plate number and apply for a re-registration of the vehicle at the future registration office when moving. It is no longer necessary to change the license plate number when moving house. If you do not want to change your license plate anyway when driving, you can now take it with you to your new place of residence.

Obligation To Re-Register The Car

Even if the number plate change is no longer mandatory when moving, the vehicle owner must meet his obligations when changing residence and re-register the car with the appropriate registration office. After all, the changed address must also be included in the vehicle documents to bring your data up to date.

Costs And Deadlines For Re-Registering The Vehicle

Incidentally, if you do not change your license plate number during the move, you save a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for new signage. A fee has to be paid for simply rewriting, but the costs would almost double if new license plates were added. The transfer is cheaper if you move within the same registration area.

It would help if you did not miss either the rewriting or the change of license plate number when moving, as otherwise, you could face a fine. This relatively high amount is justified by the fact that an improperly reported vehicle makes the work of the police much more difficult. If your current address is not on file with the admissions office, any fines will not be sent to you.

The deadline for changing the license plate number when moving is not regulated by law. Accordingly, it also depends on the goodwill of the respective clerk when you receive a fine. As a rule, you have a month to change your numerology for car license plate (ทะเบียน ผล รวม which is the term in Thai) or include your current address in the vehicle documents. On the other hand, things can get critical if you moved more than three months ago.

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