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Automatic Wristwatch: Why You Should Buy It

Looking for a wristwatch to buy such Rolex watches for women (นาฬิกา Rolex ผู้หญิง which is the term in Thai), check out why you should buy an automatic wristwatch in this article 

Different Movements Of The Second Hand

The next cool feature of the automatic watch is the second hand. This is one of its main features that will allow you to distinguish an automatic watch from a quartz watch easily to distinguish an automatic watch from a quartz watch easily. An automatic watch will have a sweeping or sliding movement of the second hand, as opposed to the 1-second ticking/jumping of the quartz watch. The reason for this is how your movement works.

Inside an automatic watch, timekeeping is done by a balance wheel designed to oscillate at a fixed frequency (often 6 or 8 beats per second). With each stroke, the balance wheel will cause the second hand to move through a set of gear trains, and therefore the second hand will move very fast, at a rate of 6 to 8 times per second.

This movement of the second hand gives the sweeping or sliding effect of the second hand, which is cool to look at. For a quartz watch, the internal integrated circuit is responsible for the timing (with the help of a quartz oscillator). The IC will then send a signal to a stepper motor to move the second hand every second, hence the bouncing second hand.

It could theoretically make a sweeping second’s hand signaling the engine to move 6 to 8 times every second (like the automatic watch), but this will consume more electrical power (and bigger battery) and increase wear and tear inside the watch. (Causes it to be more expensive as better materials are needed).

It Has Some Of The Best Watch Designs

What do sophisticated watches with beautiful designs have in common? That’s right, most of their watches have automatic movement.

Being unique and of the best character, the automatic watch is currently positioned at the top of watches with beautiful designs and exquisite craftsmanship. This is because watchmakers know that they cannot market and compete in terms of prices with the very affordable quartz watch.

That’s why most automatic watchmakers design and market their watches for the rich and famous using precious metals (gold, titanium, etc.) and handcrafted pieces to create some of the most beautiful timepieces on the market. Focusing on this niche market has helped the automatic watch industry survive despite having a cost disadvantage compared to the cheaper quartz watch.

Another main reason the automatic watch is so beautiful because it is mostly made of metal instead of plastic. Parts need to be metal due to many moving parts that require the strength and strength of the metal. To support the weight of the metal parts, the outer casing must also be made of metal. This gives the watchmaker a chance to create an exquisitely polished metal case that is truly beautiful to look at. And thanks to the weight of all metal, the automatic watch also feels a little heavier, which makes for a pleasant wearing experience.


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