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Pinterest Provides Special board for Online Business Players

Effective Way for Marketing Its rapid growth of online shops has become such a concern for Pinterest, a social network service for sharing pictures. It...

Chiropractor Care Benefits For Effective Pain Relief



Chiropractors do not only carry out spinal adjustments but also treat patients suffering from acute pain. This chiropractor care helps to deal with a range of health conditions and is suitable for people of all ages. Chiropractor anaheim diagnoses and treats problems that affect your bones, nerves, ligaments, and joints. So, what does it mean for patients? It means getting relief from neck pain and back pain for someone whereas others get enhanced mobility and motion after an accident or injury. No doubt, chiropractic care is apt for acute symptoms and injuries, ongoing maintenance, promoting overall health, and even, enhanced quality of life. 

Chiropractic care – drug-free and non-invasive approach:

One of the best things, which patients get attracted to chiropractic is that it will provide an alternative option to many drugs and invasive procedures. If your chiropractor may recommend you to other specialists if he or she thinks that this treatment is not suitable for you.

Move and feel better:

Chiropractic care will increase your muscle strength, range of motion, flexibility, neurological, and mental health. It provides you more energy, enhances immune responses, enhances your mood, and promotes recovery also. The duty of a chiropractor is to prime your body to work at its best.

Be it will be a chronic issue including arthritis or Back pain, discomfort from the recent injury, or an old sports accident, pain can prevent you from moving comfortably as well as freely. 

Feeling better, an excellent range of motion and less pain means that there is less preventing you from leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic care will not start as soon as you enter the office of the chiropractor and terminate while leaving the office.

Live better with a healthy lifestyle:

In fact, chiropractors do not make their patients have treatment for their entire life. Instead, they help you to identify your requirements, study your health history, and create a chiropractic plan, which is appropriate for you. 

Doctors help you to equip yourself to make changes in your healthy lifestyle, which promotes wellness and overall health. This chiropractic lifestyle is everything about being active with your wellness and therefore, creating optimistic options for preventing health issues beforehand. With the help of chiropractors, patients educate themselves about things such as workouts, nutrition, and a well-balanced diet. 

If you are searching out for chiropractic care in Anaheim, contact us to get exceptional chiropractic service as our doctors are known for giving outstanding chiropractic care to their patients.

5 reasons why you should use MetaTrader for online trading


Since its set up in 2005, experienced online traders and brokers have continued to embrace the MetaTrader trading platform. But why all the hype and why do people use MetaTrader? 

This article discusses major reasons why this has been the case and why you too, should consider using this online trading platform. It is an analysis that will guide you as you get started on the leading trading platform. 

Let’s jump right in. 

What is MetaTrader?

Metatrader is a trading platform that allows its users to customize their trading preferences. With MetaTrader, you can automate your trading such that trades open and close automatically depending on the preset parameters. 

Many traders use MetaTrader for forex trading but it is one of the best applications for trading in other markets such as stocks, futures, cryptocurrencies and commodities using CFDs. 

Why do online traders use MetaTrader?

How is the idea of subscribing to a successful trader for helpful trade signals and insights? Excellent, right? Did you know that with MetaTrader, you can reproduce all the trades of a seasoned trader on your account? 

Here are five more reasons why people use MetaTrader for their trading operations. 

  • Provides an easy-to-customize platform

You can make multiple adjustments to the MetaTrader platform to suit your tastes and preferences. For instance, you can adjust the platform’s appearance by right-clicking on the charts to change the default colours of the different elements displayed in the chart.

The application also allows you to adjust your trades by setting up a one-click trade. You can do this by clicking on tools, go to options, select trade and click the ‘one-click trading’ option to customize your preferred trade settings.  

  • Easy integration of various assets

While it is popularly associated and used in forex, MetaTrader is also helpful in other market platforms. It has an easy to integrate user interphase that allows users to analyze and customize transactions on an online trading platform or via CFDs. 

  • Automation of trades

This feature is really helpful and saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on hunting for entry points. By using MetaTrader as an online trading platform, you can attach expert advisors who trade on your behalf even while you are away.  

  • Advanced chart tools

For you to succeed in forex trading, you must master the art of studying the price movement of currency pairs. Metatrader provides you with advanced chart tools which enable you to do this with ease. 

You can view multiple charts at a go to get a clearer picture of the market trend.  What’s more, you can adjust the chart settings to set up your preferred indicators. 

  • Reliable speed

Metatrader is built on lesser resources and therefore, runs on low latency.  This helps keep in check any possible disruption on your device’s normal performance. Without a slow down on your device, your trades are executed in real-time.  

How to set up MetaTrader

  • Sign up by creating an account with an online trading platform
  • Download and install MT4
  • From the MetaTrader window, fill out your account details.
  • Please note that you can use MetaTrader to access different online trading accounts. You only need to crosscheck the active account before placing trades. 

Once you are logged in, you can always initiate a new trade by going to tools and clicking on a new order. 


The MetaTrader has remarkably revolutionalised online trading. It is an easy avenue for you to make an income without spending long hours monitoring trades.  In case of any queries, traders can easily get in touch with their brokers through the platform. 

Concerning digital assets security, this platform provides advanced security protocols that keep your profits and capital protected at all times. 

That said, if you are just starting, it is advisable to start your journey on demo accounts. This way, you will get to sharpen your skills and have a smoother experience with the MetaTrader platform when you start implementing these skills on a real account. 




Call Of Duty is a wonderful battle royale game with elements of shooting ones that everyone loves to play it. This game is filled with collections of super-heroes, and different types of battles that every shooter loves likes to play with different skilled enemies from all over the world.

The main focus of player’s shooter in the Call Of Duty Game is to conquer more and more battles by killing entire enemies with super-powers and a set number of weapons as well. Every time the player’s shooter wins the achievements, then it becomes easier to get a good amount of In-Game Items as a reward. Surprisingly, if you want to get In-Game Currency as per your wish, then you can use iwantcheats without spending anything.

Top 4 Useful Tips!

If you want to well-perform in every battle, then you must follow the tips and apply all of them at the right time and perfect place. Without any delay in time, let’s discuss the best tips in the upcoming points.

Choose The Strategic Super-Heroes!

The Call Of Duty Game allows the players to build up an energetic team by choosing the skilled super-heroes from the main menu. It would be better for players to select the heroes in the team that are more strategic and have great attacking power so that it becomes easier to wins the achievements with minimal efforts.

Make Use Of Simple Control Guns!

The Call Of Duty Game allows the players to choose any gun from the main-menu by knowing their controls and damage-power too. It would be better for player’s teammates to make use of the gun that has straightforward controls so they can load at the right time and kill multiple enemies at the same time without facing any issue.

Make Use Of Attacking Moves!

The player’s teammates should make best use of their attacking moves, especially against boss enemies in order to easily defeat them with fewer chances of getting injured through the course of the Call Of Duty Game. Once the player’s teammates succeed in beating high-power enemies, then they will reward with In-Game Currency. With the help of iwantcheats tool, the players can generate In-Game Currency as per the desired amount without spending their real or virtual money.

Wisely Spend In-Game Currency!

No doubt, the earning-process is quite typical task, so it would be better for players to use In-Game Currency on necessary tasks such as unlock special weapons and many more. Never try to use your In-Game Credits on unnecessary items otherwise the player’s teammates may stuck in a typical situation.

The Final Words!

All the tips as mentioned above are very beneficial for gamers because it helps them to simply well-perform on the battlefield. Lastly, gamers also have to know by making the use of iwantcheats tool so that they can get unlimited In-Game Currency without investing a single cent.

Blockchain Casinos: the Future of Gambling



Porn, drugs and gambling. The basic human guilty pleasures that helped the development of the Internet and are gradually gaining its place in the world of cryptocurrencies. Let’s leave the first two sides this time and explore the blockchain casino industry. What problems are they are facing and which projects in this area look promising?

The global gambling industry has revenues of $ 500 billion, and according to all available estimates, this number will grow steadily in the next years. However, Internet gambling is one of the sectors where the server-client relationship produces a very asymmetric position. Can blockchain help here?

Problems of Online Gambling

Like other similar (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), gambling suffers from the ills of excessive state regulation. This has two consequences.

First, there are fewer dominant companies in the regulated market that can afford costly licenses and specialized departments to oversee regulatory compliance. To some extent, such giants focus their efforts on satisfying regulators, not just their clients – after all, limited competition guarantees to the operators a particular market share that they will not lose. The result is a situation where the quality of the services provided is not as high as it could be in an open, competitive market.

Secondly, this highly regulated market creates illegal businesses that completely ignore licenses and regulatory requirements: illegal alcohol producers, non-stamped cigarettes, home cookers, unlicensed casinos. While the first three examples are actual goods, casinos can be directly offered online.

For both reasons, the transparency and credibility of online casinos do not reach a high level. Legal casinos use the services of specialized internal model auditors such as eCOGRA. However, it is still a relationship model based on trust – the casino client simply has to believe that the casino and the auditor are honest, and the systems are not set up for the casino.

Advantages of Blockchain Casinos

Therefore, blockchain casinos are starting to emerge that could elegantly solve these problems. Blockchain is a special kind of distributed decentralized database that keeps an ever-increasing number of records protected against unauthorized interference. The most common application of blockchain technology is to use it as a cryptocurrency ledger book (e.g. bitcoin) that stores user transactions. Combined with cryptography, you can ensure the anonymity of operations and prevent unauthorized transactions.

Using blockchain and Bitcoin transactions brings many benefits for players and casinos. In essence, the cost of opening a new casino can be lowered using modern technology (or outsourced to ICO investors), fairness can be ensured with blockchain transparency, clients can be people from worldwide, deposits and withdrawals can be made in cryptocurrency.

Also, most of the bitcoin casinos are regulated and tested by independent auditors. Which also means that players have to go through the KYC process. But on the other hand, these casinos like 7bitcasino offers certified games with fair random generator software. The operators can be held responsible for misdemeanour behaviour.

MindGeek Took Down For Infringement Of Their Contents



The adult industry is no joke. With such a hardcore competition all the way around, it becomes really tough to stand out in the crowd. People are always interested to try out a new pornography site for some alone enjoyment. But, if the contents of any particular site remain similar to other website, then that’s a bummer. That’s exactly what happened between MindGeek and

MindGeek is a renowned and marketing king in the field of online adult features. It has worked with some of the major names in this industry, and this online pornography site has everything that your heart and eyes desire. However, was also one leading pornography site with good followers and hits on a monthly basis. However, this made the huge mistake of copying multiple copyright protected videos from MindGeek. 

Upon finding the mistake, MindGeek sent repeated requests to take down their contents from the site. However, the operators of systematically ignored all those requests and that lead to disastrous results. MindGeek, after requesting the company, did its part and sued the company with $462M lawsuit. That was quite a heavy blow for the entire company, which resulted in its locking down. It was a good site, but such a grave mistake leads this pornography site nowhere.

The damages that have been made:

MindGeek is now trying hard to seek maximum statutory damages of around $150,000 with respect to every work that has been infringed. Along with the attorney’s fee, the total amount has been $462M, which is more than what can even think of paying. 

Just last month only, the USA District Judge, Benjamin Settle, ordered for one motion for the early discovery for identifying the Does and connects all the dots through some of the subpoenas to the current USA providers. Some of the examples of such providers are Cloudflare,, Domain Protection Services, Tucows Domains Inc.,, Comodo Inc. and the Internet Security Research Group. 

The early discovery was actually an important step in this field of copyright claim as the attorneys working for MindGeek will not always have the information on all possible John Doe defendants, with some exceptions made of the current business contacts. 

The final verdict:

In the end, actually ended up closing its entire site, which was a huge loss for the operators. There is no shortcut to be famous in any business, and that goes for best site as well. 

Some Cryptocurrency Exchanges Where KYC Is Not Needed


You must have read a lot about cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. Besides this, you must also be familiar with KYC (Know Your Customer) and the cryptocurrency exchanges which allow it. But today, we are going to let you know about those cryptocurrency exchanges where there is no need for KYC. These are those exchanges which can be accessed without risking your identity and personal documents. But apart from it, you need to be careful while using these non-KYC cryptocurrency exchanges.

What Is KYC?


For those who are unaware of the actual role of KYC (Know Your Customer) legislation, let us tell you that it asks businesses for the verification of the individual identities with the help of their service, to know about the whereabouts of money transmission. Virtual currencies are also included in it. Now the enforcement of KYC is applicable in crypto exchanges. But KYC is not that a mandatory part, which is necessary to be included in the cryptocurrency exchanges for trading. There are many exchanges, which do not require KYC at all and legally runs without it, neither they comprise any official headquarters, landing them into trouble of legal obligations.


Now if you observe about those exchanges which are KYC friendly, then you will find that they ensure about customer’s security and helps in rectifying hacking whenever something goes wrong. But that does not mean to look KYC-free cryptocurrency exchanges with suspicion. They too are reliable. A trader must take the onus to choose a cryptocurrency exchange having a reputation.


Also, you don’t need to fall in the wrong notion about KYC-free exchanges to be used by deceitful minds for unlawful motives. Rather, you will surprise to know that various traders prefer these exchanges as they don’t believe in KYC’s need, which is not 100% safe. They think it is the best platform for hackers. If privacy is your main priority and wants your details safe from the prying eyes of criminals, then it is better to tick on those platforms, where you can claim your right for cryptocurrency trading without fear. So if you want to know about those cryptocurrency exchanges which don’t rely upon KYC, then here are those exchanges:



Binance ranks among the world’s best cryptocurrency exchanges. It does fall into the category among those exchanges which do not use KYC. But there is some caution involved in it. Firstly, the trading must be done by citizens of the U.S. on Binance US, associated with KYC. There are some indications when Binance might move to complete KYC at some point, where it is obliged to follow many jurisdictions on which it functions. But there is a possibility to access spot trading without KYC need, and withdrawing of 2 BTC per day becomes possible. Exchange


There is much beyond exchange than merely limited to signing up without KYC. The trading pairs of BCH, SLP tokens, and other important assets that cannot be found in other platforms are featured in the exchange. The brand of exchange is of much value, which makes it worthier than its KYC-free cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the market.



Coming on to the next cryptocurrency exchange which finds no need for KYC is Nominex. This platform fares better in faster trading, modern bidding tools, and also minimal fees. It facilitates depositing 3 BTC a day and can also be withdrawn without the KYC requirement.



Coming on to next is Kucoin. Now, this cryptocurrency exchange is a bit different from its counterparts. The above-mentioned exchanges run without the need of KYC, but this exchange is partially associated with KYC. Now there is a specific reason behind it, which says that traders are not allowed for the completion of verification, till the time there is a matter of suspicion. Just like one of the cryptocurrency exchanges above, Kucoin has also moved into a crypto firm that provides a vast range of services, functioning under several subdivisions. Besides liquidity, which can be much better, Kucoin fares in other aspects. It is simple to use and features numerous token, that you won’t find in other big exchanges.



Being a newbie trader, you are advised to follow DYOR (Do Your Research), instead of taking any hasty decision by signing up for a cryptocurrency exchange. Be smart in reading reviews, understanding its policies, and acknowledging the exchange platform from multiple countries, and analyzing the customer support of its quality. It is applicable for all cryptocurrency exchanges that work without KYC. Besides this, you should be deposit as per your trading needs. The remaining stack could be kept in a noncustodial wallet. In the end, we would again like to suggest you practice safe trading, staying away from spying exchanges to keep your identity private, and follow breaking crypto news.


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There are cryptocurrency exchanges like Kucoin, Binance, Nominex and which don’t find any mandatory use of KYC. But better do your own research.

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The Enigma of the Unconscious


One of the most renowned British philosophers of his time, Bertrand Russell writes articulately about the perception of science and ethics in context of its subjectivity and objectivity.  He explains how ethics can be classified into moral conducts and conscience; with moral conducts being extremely important for people with primitive beliefs. The importance of moral conduct is further explained with some epitomes that could clear some of the dust gathered up in one’s mind about the subjectivity of moral conduct.

Further talking about conscience, Mr. Russell changed many of my views regarding it. He weighs on people’s belief that God reveals to every individual’s heart about what is good and bad. He also points out two difficulties with conscience; that every individual had different conscience and the other being the research about the unconscious being the simple causes of feelings.

In the next paragraph, he talks about the diversity in deliverances of conscience with examples of King George III, communists and capitalists and he firmly believes that this diversity is expected when the origin of these deliverances is understood. He believes that we do not attach our association in different acts with its relevance to approval or disapproval but we do it with its relevance to our pleasure and discomfort. I couldn’t agree more with this.

Mr. Russell further talks about the stance of philosophers at moral conduct and keeps it at a subordinate place. Philosophers believe in the notion of ‘what is good’. He believes that moral conduct cannot decide what is good and what is not. He justifies it with the example of acts of murder and the act of sati. The act of sati was a moral conduct but it was not good and couldn’t be justified in a moral context.

Quoting a wonderful line from the chapter: ” The Good once defined, the rest of ethics follow.” You come to think of it and everything that you know about this mysterious world, follows the above quoted line’s trail. But when we come to define what’s good, we fail. A debate can only be won on the basis of emotions and not on facts. Consumption of alcohol or non vegetarian food can be good for one and bad for another.

Mr. Russell believes that ethics is closely related to politics as in politics a group bears an individual with their desires or an individual to cause his desires to become others’. A group will vote for an individual only if the individual assures them to fulfil their desires but a thief cannot persuade people that he is going to do good for them. Whereas the plutocrats do the same thing with a white collar and succeed.

Mr. Russell explains the universal importance of our desires forming an analogy between a legislator and a preacher. He assumes that the legislator perceives few things as good even if it is not good for the common people. But the laws will still be made by his perception. And then many from the few would become obsequious and serve the legislator even if it’s wicked for the few and subjectively wrong. 1984 is a great example to understand this concept. In the same sense the preacher cannot handle the laws but he can influence people with emotions and hence it can be proved that desires cannot be judged at facts and an objective stance but it is perceived by everyone with a subjective stance.

He believes that one’s ethics can only be altered by influencing his desires and not by influencing his knowledge towards the perception of good. Concluding the chapter Mr. Russell writes that science cannot define the values or desires because it lies outside the realm of truth and falsehood.

Author bio:

Avinash Somjani is a contributor at utobo. He caught fire writing. A fearless curious cat with a flamboyant pen, he is currently pursuing his MBA(Marketing) at SIBM Bengaluru. He is passionate about sports, science fiction, history and the ever changing colour of his pen. E-mail : Find him on fiverr for freelance content writing

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Buy followers for instagram and boost your virtual business 


The human race is a conscious and broadly progressive logical species that supports and encourages development in all aspects of its life.

Since the first years of his existence, man has been in a constant search for new tools that help facilitate his life and improve his style.

The uses of new tools for daily use for men have sought to improve their knowledge and also promote the development of their capabilities.

 Evolution has been present from every day to the most complex creating each human being different opportunities but also creating many addictions.

One of the main addictions of the human being is the use of technology and the use of its virtual tools from cell phones, laptops, tablets, among other means; they have become increasingly popular in the market.

 The purchase and sale of these technological utensils and equipment have driven humanity to a new need for commerce that responds to a very high demand in the market, the main objective of which is to guarantee society the mass communication through these technological channels.

Social networks are a means of communication that has opened an important path in the daily activities of the society, where more than a digital platform, they are a tool for exposing experiences, tastes, and goals.

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Many companies today worldwide have used different social networks to advertise their businesses and project their companies. One of the most used social networks is instagram.

 Instagram is a social network through which each user shares the best experiences of their day to day on the web, through photos or videos that can provide great benefits with results in real-time.

Instagram can help drive any personal brand through the right strategies making it a current favorite for creating commercial sales and purchasing channels.

Statistically speaking, 7 out of 10 instagram accounts are used for professional or commercial branding, where most of them strive and search daily to boost and increase their followers and likes.

Today in virtual life, a new commercial demand has been created, and it is nothing more than Buy followers on instagram and how this can help to project any brand quickly. Because many companies begin to generate the trend of buying different advertising products and instagram is the ideal window to do so.

Instagram is a very popular and powerful social network, and the option of How to buy instagram followers turns out to be a widely used marketing strategy.

Most instagram users use this network to publicize their tastes and lifestyle, making it easier for companies to know the type of audience to target their products.

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Knowing the audience to which the products are directed makes it much easier for the executive to recognize his potential clients to obtain possible sales.

 All this must be considered when buy followers for instagram to guarantee the assertiveness of the purchase package and provide confidence and security to each user.

Dare to trust, and if your account wants to boost, this is the ideal opportunity to do so. Feel confident and join this new alternative to improve your virtual record; it is an ideal opportunity that you cannot miss.

Buying Instagram likes: get overnight fame!!


In today’s world, everyone wants to get famous, and there is nothing terrible about this as well as getting the Limelight is everyone’s right, and they deserve it too. Moreover, the majority of people think that with the help of social media, they can get overnight fame securely and reliably. Adding on this is accurate as well because today, we all are engaged in the aspects of social media, and the audience gathering on every social media network is high.


Instagram is the platform that can is used to get famous on a larger scale because most people use this application as it is a photo-sharing app that allows any of their users to upload content in the form of videos, audio, and images. We can also see the item of other users, and we can also link our Face book and other social media web stations to this application and make our life easy. Therefore it is an American based company that has boomed in recent years, and many people also ask one frequent question of how buy Instagram likes? That can help them to get the social attention which they want securely and reliably and that too, without spending huge bucks.


The easiest way to buy likes for your social networking platforms!!


There are mainly two ways that can satisfy the question of every user of this application is how buy Instagram likes. With the help of two significant and reliable methods, anyone can easily uplift their user profile and make sure that they are in the Limelight, which they wished for. Along with it having a sound profile opens up your chances to gain money in an easy and quick time. We can buy likes from fake accounts, which are considered as one of the easiest ways to do this, and other is to sell boats of Instagram, which can help us to come in touch with real users and make sure we achieve our solid plan effectively and efficiently.


Buy likes from replica accounts- the first and easiest method to increase your Instagram likes is this paid service where we can take the help of fake accounts. Although this method is risky and ineffective because these accounts are fake and you will not receive any comments on your post, as if your followers are real, then you will quickly notice that your job will get 1000 likes as well as 700-800 remarks as well. But on the contrary, side if we buy likes from fake accounts, we will only get likes, and there will be no comments, and it is quite awkward and embarrassing as well. Moreover, if people notice that our account is loaded with fake likes, then quickly, we can decrease our customer loyalty and Goodwill in the market. Because our overall performance will be measured through these likes adding on this is the main reason why it is suggested that we should always know how buy Instagram likes from any valid service station only. However, they can be little pocket burning, and they will be genuine and safe likes.


Buy Instagram bots– there is a rule I follow you follow me. It is a rule which exists on Instagram, and in simple words, if someone follows; you have to support them in return. It is the second most natural way to increase your life as if your profile is having tons of followers, then quickly; the social gathering of your portal is high. And they can easily like your post which can increase your Goodwill in the market in a short time. In this service, all we need to do is by the bots, which will follow the accounts of other people, and we can hope that they will follow back us. So that there is a proper transaction of likes comments and views on our web portals as they act as an invisible machine that can support the accounts like and easily comment on their post as well.


Although this method also comes with some risk and complications, because there are higher chances of the hacked account and other replica services from your social networking portal as well because, after some time, the cache in your value count increases on a remarkable scale. Which can cause auto likes and auto comments on other people’s post, and it can cause reputation damage on your web services.

Things to avoid before consuming any services!!


Inaccurate results– we all know that the trend of getting social Limelight is increasing on a massive scale. This is the main reason why the websites which only perform the activity of increasing your likes are overgrowing too. Therefore we should always check their reviews and accuracy results because we have to pay a substantial amount in exchange for their services. So if we get inaccurate results so it can quickly boost stress and tension in our system so this becomes vital to check the accuracy percentage of their service. So that we can maintain our shape and achieve our goal effectively and efficiently and that too without decreasing our reputation in the market therefore this is why it is considered as one of the most important thing to keep an eye on.


Overpricing– this point is also similar to the point mentioned above, as today’s world is all about competition. In every field, we can easily find a neck to neck competition. This thing we should always keep in mind that whenever we are availing anyone’s service. We should double-check their pricing and compare it with other web portals as well. Because in this time of competition, everyone is trying to give cheap services so that they can effortlessly satisfy their clients and make sure that their web portals are engaged as well. It is heavily suggested that we should always invest some time in selecting the best services to save huge bucks. Moreover it will help us to uplift our overall goodwill as well.



In our current Web-based culture, people can do everything they used to do by phone, mail or in-person by Internet instead. Investing is no exception. Using online brokerage firms to buy, sell and trade stocks, mutual funds, and commodities has become the norm rather than the exception. There are many advantages to using an online brokerage firm, but there are also so many firms to choose from that it can be hard to know the company that give you the best value. Learning about the five features your online brokerage firm should offer you will help you make the right choice before you invest with them.


There are three different levels of information you need to make the most of your online brokerage account.

  • Investing 101. If you are new to investing your own funds, there is much you need to learn to make your money grow. Your online brokerage firm should offer you an array of resources to help you learn the art and science of investing. They should also offer reporting services to help you monitor and track each investment you make.
  • Account transparency. You need to know what you will be charged for and when as well as how much. With account transparency, you can make trades with confidence and maximize the value and profitability of each trade without incurring unnecessary fees.
  • Real-time investment updates. You should be able to access data in real-time about how investments are performing. This way, you can capitalize on price changes as they occur.


Before selecting the best online stock broker for your investing needs, you need to know the website can handle peak traffic without delays or downtime. Experts suggest you visit the firm’s website several times per day for several days prior to opening an account. Visit during the busiest trading hours to see how quickly the site loads and how well it functions when there are numerous users logged in.

Investment Options

Your online brokerage firm should give you as much variety in investment options as you would get using a traditional broker. First, check to be sure any stocks, funds or commodities you are interested in are available for purchase. Next, check the different investment types. See if they offer a range of options including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, metal certificates, CDs, futures and commodities. If the variety of investing options meets your needs, check that the firm includes a full range of risk grades in each option from low to high. You should also check to see if the firm offers brokerage services like checking accounts, credit cards, IRAs or other funds management options.

Customer Service

Due to the number of online brokerage firms competing for your business, you should be sure the firm you choose offers blue-chip customer service. Particularly in the financial and investment arena, any firm that is not responsive to customer questions, needs and requests can expect to lose business. So be sure that the customer service for your chosen firm meets your expectations and needs. Also, even though the firm may operate online, this does not mean you should not be able to make a phone call to get support or place a trade. Your firm should offer customer support options by phone and email as well.

Frequent Trader Perks

If you make more trades, you should be rewarded for it. While different online brokerage firms reward loyal customers in different ways, you should receive some incentives for choosing a particular firm and actively managing your online portfolio. For instance, some online firms offer discounts for frequent trading while others offer free trades after a certain number have been made. Be sure you are getting great value for using the service.

If you locate an online brokerage firm that provides these five features, you can feel confident in selecting that firm and starting to build your portfolio with it.

About the Author: Stan Froch began his career as a traditional broker. He then transitioned to open his own online brokerage firm. He recommends learning more about Bell Direct if you are considering an online brokerage firm.