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3 Basic Principles for Online Marketing

Online marketing in simple definition means marketing products through internet. In more wide meaning, online marketing means running offline marketing principles you have known on your online business. In this case, online marketing also needs such a certain good strategy to get the right target.

The basic principle of marketing below will help you deciding the strategy to run your online marketing. Learn them carefully to ensure your understanding.

Owned Marketing

It is dealing with what you control. In this case, the website is the place to sell the product and the rudder is the contents. So, the more you are active to update your web content, the more potency for your website, you get from Google, to be introduced to internet users. In this segment, it is dealing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Earned Marketing

It is related to all things beyond your control. It is like the matter about people who discuss about your product or your service, either online or offline. The more your products are being the topic of any discussion regarding positive matters, the bigger the chance of your product to be more famous and recognised by abundance people.

You can use social media websites as the promotion tool or you can use people who have big influence to online surrounding as your second hand.

Paid Marketing

Some well-known social media websites such as Facebook, Google and also Twitter provide a paid space for any advertisement. If you have more budgets for advertising, it is great idea to use this service for the sake of triggering your product promotion. Learn how to create great advertising words which are able to attract consumer candidates effectively and also easy to remember.

Once you use those three basic principles for your marketing online, you will find the benefit sooner or later. Make sure you apply them properly.

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