Websites are a critical tool for an organization seeking to promote itself effectively in the modern world.  A search engine is the first port of call for an increasing number of people, or prospective clients, seeking a particular service.

This is true for all businesses today whatever their size and, therefore, the importance of getting a website right must not be underestimated.  Your site has the potential to be so much more than an online poster or simple a directory of information.  It is the online public face of your business, very often the first thing that a potential client will see, and first impressions count.  An appealing and impactful website will make the difference between visitors wanting to know more or moving on to a competitor.

Getting it right

Whether you are seeking to upgrade an existing site or join the digital world for the first time, there are a number of important things to consider:

  • Have you devoted sufficient time and attention to your website?  The online marketplace has grown significantly in importance, and the part a website will play in any organization’s marketing strategy has grown along with it.  It is, therefore, crucial to spend sufficient time and attention to getting it right in the first instance and then ensure that it is properly maintained.
  • Have you got the right support?  It may be tempting to hand over such an important responsibility to a junior member of the team who happens to have an interest in this area.  This would be a mistake.  Web design, both the functionality and aesthetics, is an expertise and experts should be consulted.
  • Does the site accurately reflect your business?  Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  A website should not only make a business look appealing and reputable, it should also reflect the company brand, core purpose, values and overall philosophy of the organization. Potential customers should understand at a glance the sort of organization they are considering doing business with.
  • What functionality does the website need to provide?  A site is only ever as good as its content, so think carefully about what you want your website to actually do. Technology continues to evolve in this area and sites are increasingly interactive and engaging as a result.  If someone sees that your site could potentially help them with an issue before they even make contact in person, through something like an ecommerce system for example, they are far more likely to be impressed enough to become a regular customer.

Look and feel

The world’s most successful businesses are invariably supported by a powerful brand.  With a single image, people are able to instantly identify an organization, its values and, most importantly, the goods or services it provides.  Carefully chosen Free pictures from an online stock library, will provide specialist stock libraries, will provide a range of critical components that make up an overall brand.

In the modern world, websites provide a vital platform for presenting that imagery in the most impressive and effective way, and are essential for attracting new business.

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