One of the challenges running online business is increasing the number of the online shop visitors you own. The acceleration is needed to increase the level of the online shop for the sake of placing the online shop on the first page of Google search engine.

The appearance of online shop on the first page of Google will affect your sale. It is due to being on the front page of the Google search Google means the online shop is easy to be found by the consumer candidates.

These are some gigantic tricks obligatory done if you really expect increasing the acceleration visitor numbers of the online shop. The amusing is that those could be reached for free.

Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking is such a call for a website that provides facilities in order to make the visitors able to save the link from other website or their own website. By this means it could be seen by the other visitors. So as to attract the visitors from social bookmarking websites, you can give the link of the online shop. Give the appealing title that is enough to attract their attention. Figure out any social bookmarking websites which are famous on your area or coverage then leave your link with appealing title on there. 

Blog Walking

Sketchily, it can be meant as walking activity. You visit other blogs. You can start to go around to other websites which have the same theme with your online shop. Give any comment and also attach a link toward to your online shop. Remember! Do not flood the blog with your link because it will be considered as a spam. 

Social Media

Nowadays, it seems so hard to separate online activity with social media. Since the appearance, social media has been a new phenomenon in interacting to people as the same netters. Some countries have the highest number of social media users. You as the business player, should take advantage from this phenomenon. Utilise the social media to attract visitor numbers on your online shop. 

Try to run those all gigantic tricks, and you will be ready to find your online shop traffic increased so extremely. By this means your change to get customers increased as well.