Nowadays, online business trend is to be so popular among society. Youth up to professionals often use virtual world and so much friendly with it. Thereby, online business is definitely potential for this time. Indeed, online business is easy to do and easy to earn profit. Most online business owners confess so. Some others said that running online business need braveness, neatness as well as extra patience, particularly when facing customers virtually in which you cannot see them directly.

So, it is imperative for online business owners and online business actors to keep watching their step in order to make their business trustworthy. These are some guidance for you to keep your online business entrusted by your customers.

Open communication lines on various media

Running business online gives you easiness to keep in touch to your customer even though you are not face to face to them. Thus, open communication lines by utilising various media, such as email, phone, instant messaging as well as social media websites. It is because no matter where they are, they will be able to easily contact you. You also can give such private assistance for the customers, in that way, they think that they are heard and have important role for you.

Customer use social media to get closer to customer

Social media is to be one of the best friends for online business owners. That is why you should never leave your social media account. Arrange your schedule when you should post, when you should answer incoming questions. It will also make your customers know you further. They will feel that it is easy to contact you and sometimes easy to recommend you to more wide area.

Answer any incoming questions as fast as possible

Sometimes online business customers feel annoyed if they experience bad service when they are shopping. One of the bad services is getting an answer for their questions too long, either through chat box or email. Worst, it will make them not want to come back. So, answer their questions as fast as possible to keep them stay to be with you. 

Do not make your customer waiting

It is not only questions that need to be answered sooner; the process of shipping as well as requested-product manufacturing should also be finished as soon as possible without lowering the quality. It is related to the shipping service you choose to deliver your package and also your dexterity in preparing the order. 

Do not promise anything that hard to meet

Making your customer happy maybe is your main goal to get their trust. But remember, when you give a promise to them, make sure you can make it come true. Do not ever give any promise you cannot give. It will really affect the level of trust of your customer to you. 

Show positive testimony

When you are sure if you have given the best service, and then ask for any testimony from your customers. You can let your customers a testimonial text or video. Let the other customers believe that the testimonies you showed are real.

Take any incoming critics and suggestion sincerely

If you have been getting testimonials from your customers, ask them also for critics, ideas, complaint or anything else. Take anything they said and do not forget to say sorry if you have any mistake. They critics and ideas are so much helpful for your business development. Therefore, you just meet the customer virtually, so any change as the respond of those suggestions make your business more trustworthy on they view point. 

Provide a numerous ways to process the payment

In order to form trust from your online customers, you need to give facility required for them. One of those is easy to pay system. Online payment they could do. For this time, most online shop business offer more than one online payment ways. The purpose is to make the customers easier in transferring the payment. You can provide a number of bank account from various banks, PayPal system and so forth. 

Give them presents

Give them happiness by sending any bonus or present, moreover for those who help you recognised by other customers. You can create a promo or something related. Just hold some programs during a certain time you pan. The present can be something like a product or shopping voucher. The advantage of giving such program is to make the customers happier in shopping at your online shop. Also it will increase their trustworthy to you. 

Optimise your online shop website with the best service

One thing can support your online business is having independent online shop website, as the name of your product. Use the design adjusted to the theme, use the name of the domain as the product and the brand also use proper website hosting as well. Recently, online shoppers sue accessible website to make them easier in surfing on your website. Larger space is needed to cover the images of the product uploaded. Then, find the entrusted provider which gives your proper hosting service.