Invest Your MoneyWhen talking about investment plan for a family, the money is always for family, kids and couples. Families are people who directly include into your investment direction. Then, what about a single?  There is no kid and no couple should be considered. There is also no family need should be concern. So, all things are so simple.

Thereby, it is the best time to use the money for investment since you have anything to worry. There is nothing burden you to get any profit sooner. Instead, you have more chance to increase your income.

It is tolerable if you want to enjoy the free time to spend your money alone. But keep on your mind, the longer the time you postpone the investment, the more time you lose for this best moment. 

Now, if you are ready to invest your money, keep in mind that there are some rules in investment. So, no matter if you feel so free to invest the money without any burden, but you still need to be careful. Choose the investment which is suitable for a single like you. 

Saving and Deposit

Saving money on savings and deposit might not be interesting enough for you. But it is the best place to save your emergency fund. The amount of the emergency fund you have should be three times of your monthly bill. Place this emergency fund on your savings and deposit. Even if the interest is not attracting enough, but it is the most liquid product you can get for your money.


Having a house is such the primary wish of every single, moreover if the price of the house keeps increasing by the time goes by. It is the best time to start buying property for you. Prepare your advance to buy a small and simple house or an apartment you wish. Then, take a mortgage service to manage your monthly payment. By taking mortgage service for your house, you will be force to spare your money to invest. 

Aggressive Investment Product

Young, single and brave are some characteristics of an aggressive investor. The long-term goal is always to be the true goal to choose an aggressive investment. The option of stock or mutual funds could be your investment option that meets to your long-term goal for singles. It is also adjusted to the aggressiveness you have.  You can try to feel the up and down of the investment situation. It will give you many lessons.