If you have some spare time in your days, you can try to run some of these business ideas. In addition to give you more income, you may get some experience at running a business. It will be very useful for you someday.

If you include a person who has much spare time without any specific activities you can do daily, starting a simple business is a very good idea. Do not be confused about what kind of business you can run, these are some examples you might try:

Sell Used Goods

Check again your warehouse and figure out how many used goods abandoned on there. Try to select them one by one and separate the good ones which are most likely to be marketable. You know that there are many people love antiques. You can utilise this condition. You can get some money from your antiques, if any.  Use any online store service to promote your goods.

Become a Writer

Having a great capability in writing is very good. It is useless if you only use this skill only for writing on your blog without any financial benefit from it. You can send your writing to some media. If you master any foreign language, you can try to be a translator or even writers for foreign media through online. 

Sell Photos 

The rapid development of digital camera technology leads a lot of people often snapshotting and even take it as their hobby. If you include one of them, try thinking to earn money from this hobby. Offer your photo results to some websites or any other media which are more likely in need of the photos you have taken. If possible, you are also capable of using your holiday to be wedding photographer. 

Become a Tutor

There are some lessons which are so difficult to understand by some students. If you are capable enough about those lessons, it is also good to offer your service to teach some students. Moreover, many parents force their children to take any course. You can take it as your chance. 

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