The modern business world is more competitive now than ever before, and many firms find themselves struggling to keep up with their rivals. When customer numbers are starting to dwindle, concerns over the very future of the organization will be just around the corner. The secret to staying successful is often the ability to cut spending, but that is not always easy.

Whether a firm is supplying financial services in Frankfurt or selling laptop cases in Lisbon, there is a great need to keep spending within affordable levels without cutting down on the quality of its products. Therefore, finding savings that won't harm the company's profitability is vital. Here are four suggestions that can make a big difference to firms all over the world,

Audit, audit and audit again. Then do it some more!

Whenever times are hard, finding economies is never going to be easy. However, the quest for savings should never be a one-off experience. Every manager within the company should be auditing their departments on a regular basis in a bid to locate potential economies. And when the audit process is complete, it should be restarted again at the earliest opportunity.

Cut the cost of postage by switching letter and parcel carriers

Too many companies rely on their national postage carrier without ever wondering about the possibility of lower prices elsewhere. There are a number of logistics organizations around these days which offer a highly efficient postal delivery service for a substantially lower cost, so if your firm sends items out on a regular basis you should seek to find a cheaper option.

Update your website to make it fresher and more relevant

A sizable proportion of companies fail to realise the potential of their websites these days. They spend money on having sites created, but they let them stagnate after that. Fresh content is the best way to ensure an online presence remains a strong one, and it doesn't cost much to make updates to what is effectively a shop window onto a company's wares.

Be greener and be smarter, in order to save money

There are a great many incentives around for businesses to become more environmentally-friendly. They include switching the company car fleet to hybrid engine vehicles and finding greener methods of power within the premises. In a number of countries around the world, governments offer a range of tax incentives to businesses which adopt greener processes.