Anytime a business needs to give a presentation, they must take their audience into consideration. If their audience is not engaged with the presentation, the whole thing will fail and the proposal or product will not be successful at that time. The simple slide show is no longer an adequate way to capture the attention of the attendees. The time of taking notes and filling in worksheets based on a slide show are over.

The audience is conditioned to be both entertained and captured by multi-media graphics. The audience that is not paying attention is not going to buy into whatever you are selling. This is true for products and ideas. If you are having a company meeting, you have to keep your employee’s attention. There are too many distractions in a normal course of the day. A meeting that is boring is going to be worse for them. Before you even start putting the presentation together, you need to plan it on paper. If you build a structure, you will have better control over the flow of the meeting.

You need to know the destination you have in mind for the meeting in order to get there. If you are having a meeting based on new company policies, then maybe the end result is the distribution of a new employee handbook. If you explain new policies in your presentation, the employees are less likely to come to you after the fact and ask questions.