With all the pressure to make money and be successful, it can be easy to set aside dreams in pursuit of success. However, is there a balance between doing what you love and finding a practical career? These four reasons suggest there is:

1. Become a Healthier Person

When you spend over half your waking hours doing something you despise, the tension wears on your body mentally and physically. Headaches, depression, and high blood pressure are common physical side effects of an unpleasant job. So an enjoyable job can actually improve your health.

In addition to taking away unnecessary stress, an enjoyable job can also add purpose and fulfillment to your life. Getting something like a masters degree in counseling, which focuses on improving others’ quality of life, can easily provide more fulfillment than work as an office drone. According to many experts, people need to find fulfillment to be truly happy.

2. Be More Successful

The best career is one that brings together three things: what you enjoy doing, what you are good at, and what you find most meaningful. With this kind of enjoyable job, the average worker will get more done, have extra motivation, and have happier customers. That’s because passion for something transforms itself into energy and excitement.

For example, if you start a business that you find boring or grating just because you think it will be more profitable, you are bound to fail because you lack the passion to understand the industry and sustain your business on daily basis. Instead, a career based on something you love brings energy and dedication to push through boredom or a setback and to get more done every day. Because you enjoy the work, you don’t mind working hard on it.

3. Feel Valued for What You Do

A happy and satisfied employee can be a company’s best asset. Not only do they give their company good press, but they also feel more motived and get work done. And have you ever worked near somebody who hates their job? It ruins a pleasant workplace environment. A happy employee boosts morale instead, and so is even more valuable. For the happy business owner, this contentment transfers to great customer service, meaning you also have happy customers.

4. Be a Better Spouse and Parent

A recent study shows that kids are more aware and affected by job stress than many parents seem to think. Your mood, although not apparent to you, can rub off on your family. So when you aren’t coming home with a burden of work anxiety, you have more to offer to your loved ones. You have the time and ability to see when your spouse needs encouragement or when your kids need some extra time with you. One child even suggested that if “parents were less tired and stressed, I think that the kids would be less tired and stressed.”

We’ve mentioned health, family, and success. How has an enjoyable job improved your life?

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