Technology has improved many aspects in human life. The difficult tasks now have become easier, the complex things become incredibly simpler. Let’s say the phone book that once assisted you in looking for local information has been replaced by Google Maps that provide you information not only from local but from all over the world. The availability of Google Maps is also really helpful for the world of business and marketing especially for you who own small businesses.

Google Maps give you a way out to solve your marketing problem. It is an important tool that can help you to control and improve your small business. Through Google Maps, people may find your specific business in certain location. One significant point in using Google Maps is that it doesn’t charge you at all, you can control and watch your bottom line for free. All you need to do is by publishing your business on Google Maps which is certainly not complicated.

Therefore, here are simple steps that will guide you to register your small business to Google Maps. First of all, type your business address into Google Maps. If your business hasn’t existed in the general location, entering your business’s basic information will be acquired. However, if your business address has existed, it will appear as a result.

Secondly, soon in a minute, there will be a form to load after you pick the listing and click the command “Claim Your Business”. Afterward, you will be obligated to fill the form that demands your web site address, business hours, business categories you want to be listed under, a description, and also up to 10 photos. It enables you to upload video as well if you have any. This content will give influence for your site to get a significant rank.

After filling the form completely, you click submit and then Google will ask you how you will want to verify the account, you can choose whether through mail or by phone. In case you click by-phone way, prepare yourselves with pen and paper because you will receive a call in seconds. You will need to write down a five digit PIN you get through that phone call and you type the PIN into the box on your screen.

Once you have been registered in Google Maps, you should check periodically to see charts that show your listing’s activity. After you click your website and direction of your establishment, you can obtain information about how many times your site address shows up on Google Maps. The last step, you should update the contents in your website with new information like related photos, videos, or even coupons. Since your websites is a storefront of your business in internet where many people may see it, you should check it for at least once a month to show your professionalism.

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