There are plenty of Trade Show Booths in an exhibition. If you want to give potential clients the opportunity to know you in exhibit, you must ensure that your trade-show booth is engaging and inviting. If you have exhibited in a trade show before, you must have known that business cards are a must-have thing. Business cards are very important for both participating in the event and simply wandering from booth to booth. So, you need to be sure that your business cards are neatly placed on accessible table which is easy to spot. For networking conversations, it is also important to keep a few business cards in our hands. There are several tips we can follow to give potential clients the opportunity to know us in a trade show.

The first tip is we need to be sure that we have easy-to-read signage. Attracting attention of people walking by can be done by using reliable signs and visuals. Every person is easily interested to kinds of visual things. If you are not confident enough of how to make easy-to-read signage, you can get help from Trade Show Exhibit Rentals. What is more, to know how sign can work for us properly, we need to ensure that the sign can be read within three seconds. We can use colors which match our branding with a quick headline.

The second tip is we can host a raffle. A raffle is defined as a great and fun way to gather information from potential clients or customers. So, you can choose an item in which you think it will be interesting enough to serve as a big prize. Afterwards, you can place a fishbowl on a table and ask every person to drop in his/her business card to get a chance to win. It will be more interesting if you do it at Custom Exhibit.