Coin collecting as a hobby has survived for a long time. Even though it has its roots in the ancient Rome, today this hobby is no longer restricted to the elite.

A Rich Beginning

Coin collecting goes back to ancient times, and the first documented coin collector was Caesar Augustus of Rome. Around the fourth century B.C, art collecting gained prominence and coins started to be seen as art. They were often used in jewelry and other decorative objects.

In the coming centuries, coin collections served as an inspiration for designing new coins. The reason why these coins became so popular was because of people’s admiration towards their overall beauty.

The Birth Of Numismatics

As centuries passed by, coin collecting went from being an artistic interest to a scientific endeavour. In between 12th-13th centuries, Nestorians were known have replicated coins from the Roman empire and devoted much of their time collecting/studying coins. 

After the Renaissance, coin collecting became even more widespread and ancient coins were sold openly. This was an era rare coins started to climb in value and forgeries became common. The field of coin study or numismatics gained ground in the 1600’s and people begin to study/catalogue coins with more precision.

Coin Collecting in Modern Times

It didn’t take long before governments and institutions started their own coin collections. This lead to mass interest amongst the general public. Merchants along with other professionals begin cultivating the hobby and private coin collections became common.

Overtime, coin collecting grew from being the “hobby of kings” to a respected field made up of coin collectors and dealers.

Why Collect Coins?

Coin collecting is anything but a boring, aimless hobby. When studied, it’s a fascinating world in its own. While there are a number of reasons as to why you should collect coins, here are a few worth pondering upon:

a) Rare coins are valuable and if you’re lucky enough to own one, it could take you places.
b) It’s challenging to go out there and find the “perfect” coin - it gives you an adrenaline rush.
c) You get to learn a lot from collecting coins, which makes the hobby highly educational.

Some of the Top Rare U.S. Coins Are:
1. The Brasher Doubloon - Created by Goldsmith Ephraim Brasher, only seven of these ever came into existence.
2. Morgan Silver Dollar - It was a United States dollar coin, minted in the late 1800’s.  
3. 1974 Aluminum Penny - In the early 1970, a few of these aluminum pennies were minted as samples and sent out to VIPS.

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