A blog is a type of website that typically works in conjunction with a traditional website to regularly post information or news updates. Blogs have become an increasingly important part of how the internet operates. There are millions of blogs in existence for a reason – they can help improve nearly any business. From traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts to manufacturing companies, every business can benefit from the increased exposure a blog can provide.

Blogs are Essential:  Here’s Why

If your primary hesitation in creating a blog is lack of design or coding knowledge, rest easy. Creating your blog does not have to be complicated or confusing. You can use a custom website builder to create a blogging platform. Many website template tools will specifically allow you to build an attached blog. Now that this primary hesitation is resolved, why else should you spend time developing a blog?


    1. Increased Traffic – This is, by far, the most important reason to create a blog. It greatly increases your online exposure and helps generate traffic. Traffic will always be correlated with profit. The more people who visit your website, the better chance it will bring in a sale, conversion or lead. A blog will allow you to directly target key demographics with content they will be interested in. This traffic will also be directed to other areas of your website, including your sales page.

    2. Creates a Personal Voice – A business without a voice is unable to speak to its customers. A blog is your vocal cord; it gives your business a much-needed voice. It allows you to address your customers and key markets. Creating a blog permits you to regularly discuss your company, products and related information. It also provides a platform for resolving any issues that may damage your company’s reputation.
    3. Establishes Credibility and Authority – It doesn’t matter which industry, product or service your business is involved with, there are always industry experts. A blog provides a platform for establishing yourself as an expert within your industry. This is done by regularly posting articles that educate and inform your target audience. The information should be well-written, as well as applicable to problems your audience may face.

    4. Deeper Customer Interaction – A blog allows customers to contact you directly. They don’t have to call anyone or write any emails, they can simply comment on your blog to have common issues addressed. Your blog can also be used to inform customers about upcoming products and other new information. Additionally, a blog allows you to get more personal feedback from your customers that can help steer the direction of your marketing efforts and product development.

    5. Expanded Social Media Presence – According to the research firm Pew Research, there are over one billion people worldwide that regularly use social networks. Approximately 66 percent of online adults use one or more social media platforms to interact with others. These interactions are typically in the form of comments, posts and shares. Many people use social networks to share information found on blogs. A blog is an ideal way to entice users to share your information, leading to increased engagement and exposure.

    6. Higher Search Engine Rankings – Every popular search engine bases their rankings heavily on regularly updated content. While there are several other factors that ultimately decide the ranking, high quality content posted frequently is a key factor of which every business has complete control. A blog is an ideal way to help your website stand out among the millions of others that simply have static company information.

    7. Attract New Customers – This reason is the overall goal of every blog. Using all of the above methods and techniques, a blog helps attract new business to your company. It drives traffic from social networks, establishes your company as an authority and allows for deeper interactions. According to a study by the Nielsen Research Group, 30 percent of the entire world’s population has an active internet connection. An average internet user spends 16 hours a month online. Twenty percent of this time is spent reading content – content that is typically found on blogs. A blog helps you make the most out of the time that is spent online.


Don’t Delay – Create Your Blog Today

With so many ways your business can benefit from a blog, there is no reason to delay. Blogs are simple to set up and affordable from an ideal blogging software company, such as eBizWebPages.com. Once your blog is created, begin posting regular, quality content that promotes social sharing and entices sales. With a little time and effort, your blog can become a primary source of new clients.

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About the Author: Billy Hampton is a contributing writer and avid blogger. After realizing the impacts blogs have, he began helping businesses set them up. Now, Billy regularly convinces small businesses that they require an online presence.