Fierce battle among contents providers in internet is unstoppable in this very year. Dozens of blooming websites appear here and there seek for fortune through this cyber world. Today’s trend that triggers other website owners to get a chance to try is online business in news portals.

Businessmen, especially those who concentrate in media space, expect new hope on growing news portal from which they can generate great profits. News portals bring benefits through conventional advertisements such as AdSense like links, sponsored links and more. A news portal should be able produce high traffic in order to get benefit from online advertisement.

Someone with a huge budget will face no problem to create a high traffic news portal because he has money to pay hundreds of professional journalists to write him quality contents. With quality and unique contents, many visitors may be interested in visiting his portal regularly and it brings high traffic in the end.

With more than sufficient budget, he has an option to improve the portal through offline alternative by promoting the portal via different media like newspapers, electronic, banner, etc.

On the other hand, beginners with sensitive budget seem to see the competition is too tough for them, that’s why they have to right money-conscious strategy to join the competitive market. But again, the competition becomes more unbearable for them because many electronic media owners – both TV and radio – find their own space on online news portals.

As new news portal websites massively flood the internet, many news portals that have been on internet long before the trend emerges try to escape from the risk of being beaten by the new ones. They encourage themselves to diversify the news contents to some domain without disconnecting them from their main domain. This strategy is aiming higher traffic through unique niche in every domain. To do this, they have to give a significant amount of cash to pay.

With thousands of news portal flying over the internet, readers become more and more difficult to get the news because they often have to move from one portal to another. This crack is then being used by many portal owners with minimum budget to plant new strategy using feed aggregator technology.

With this aggregator technology, readers will be able to get any news from one url domain only. Website owners that implement this technology cannot be sued of breaking the copyright because it just republishes the feed which has been published by news portal. All news are read right from the main url of news portal.

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