What you can learn from rich dad to his rich son is so many, what are they? Well, you can continue reading this article to learn further. The fundamental thing the rich dad tells his rich son is regarding the work for best achievements. He said that the achievement motives would help someone to reach success in higher level.

The motivation for becoming successful person can work effectively whatever occupation the son has in the future. At the beginning of the career, the rich son receives a low income. Thus, he realizes that there are so many things to learn from everything he is working on currently. That’s why he needs to take hold for something he can count on to get best achievement.

He takes step by applying the economic motives in an adequate portion. By using the achievement motives which he works out in a very maximum level, he tries to increase the number of customers and business partners and makes himself as a good marketer. He needs to keep into his mind that he shouldn’t be trapped into a selling volume and the numbers of sold goods since those aspects are fluctuating. Still, the partnership will increase over time.

Furthermore, rich dad tells his son that he shouldn’t work for employer for the rest of his life. It means, he shouldn’t work for business which belongs to other or relatives. So, someone must be able to become a man for himself or the boss for his body. Rich son understands that he will never become a rich man by working for someone else although he can obtain great salary and bonuses.

As the career is improving, rich son must start delegating the duty or work responsibility to others. The self-employed business must be carried out with the motivation of working for achievements. As a result, what he can gain from his long-term work is loyal customers and loyal business partners.

As an employer of his private business, he must plant motives of achievements not the motives of economic. By running the business together with a good system, the rich son will encourage the laborers to imitate what he does to himself.

Rich son whose level is positioned in top level of selling system has a financial system which is also good. However, he will get his total financial freedom only by obtaining passive income. Meaning, he could get the passive income from all assets he possess like system, human source, moving goods, and services. Rich dad will suggest his son to invest more on goods and service which help to add value on goods or services. This is when the son receives full passive income.

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