Nothing helps customers associate a business more with the goods or services it provides than its brand. This recognition gives any sized company a huge advantage in its field. It is therefore a misconception to think that only large companies like the ones that make up the Dow 30 can benefit from a strong brand.

Establishing a brand is not the final step. It must also be maintained with effective marketing campaigns and business strategy and protected from attack if necessary.

Establishing a Brand

Meeting the goal of having a strong brand has two benefits. Obviously the recognition is huge, but it also helps a company refine its mission and objectives. What the company sells, who it wants to sell to and how it wants to be perceived are some of the many qualities a company defines through its branding.

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Starting a new job is exciting; meeting new people, learning news skills and earning good money is always rewarding. However, statistically you are more likely to get injured at work in the first few months than at other times. That’s because the equipment is new, you haven’t fully familiarised yourself with the layout and because your brain is busy processing new information.

With all this in mind there are some things that you need to know before you set foot in a workplace; facts and information that could prevent an accident or even save your life. Here are the top five.

1. Who is the health and safety officer?

Any company that employs people should be familiar with and adhere to the 1974 Health and Safety in the workplace act. Signs which detail who is responsible for health and safety in the company and other important information, like where to gather in the event of an accident, should be clearly displayed and explained to you during your induction. If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all.

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The retail space is highly competitive, prompting some entrepreneurs to drop retail in favor of online marketing. For those who remain, the pride of owning one’s own store is enough to keep yourself motivated to make it better.

In a recent case study, a furniture company in Philadelphia was able to completely revamp itself and cater to a high-end luxury crowd by identifying the major touch-points that drove a customer’s business. You don’t need an expensive market research firm to analyze your own numbers and make some changes to impact your bottom line.

Decorate Stores

A theme for your store will help customers feel like the space is unique. Fry’s electronics likes to model their stores after different literary stories, like Alice in Wonderland. You can try something simple like color coordination based on the season. The kind of store that you run will ultimately impact the type of decorating that you do, but even simple holiday decorations can help customers get in the mood while showing off your store’s personality.

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Despite the rising popularity of business that operate solely online, there remain a significant number of firms that trade from a physical base. The downside of this business model is that it carries far higher overheads, as those who own and operate a corporeal outlet must meet the cost of leasing, heating and various other recurring payments. In addition to this, they must also fund the purchase of furniture and equipment for their office, as they look to turn an empty space into a fully functional working environment.

Purchasing Office Furniture for Less: How to Kit Out your Work Space on a Budget

Taking these points on board, what practical steps can you take to kit out a fully functional office on a budget? Consider the following:

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