Finding yourself the subject of an investigation for fraud or one of the other forms of serious business related crime can be a frightening and traumatic experience for anyone, as this type of crime carries extremely stiff legal and financial penalties for anyone found guilty. Even before it reaches this stage, simply being accused of such a crime and investigated can have drastic consequences for the personal and professional life of the accused – making it vital that they have the support of a legal team with the necessary qualifications and experience in dealing with fraud and business crime cases.

One company that can provide such a team as this is Eddie Stobart Barristers, and the team of lawyers they employ to handle this area of the law has considerable experience in dealing with everything from relatively low-level fraud investigations to large-scale complex cases of corporate fraud. It is vital that the lawyers you have representing you, if you find yourself accused of fraud or any other type of corporate crime, know this area of the law inside out, because the investigations involved in corporate crime can lead to a number of different consequences for those accused – requiring different advice depending on which circumstance you find yourself in.

Amongst the events that can follow an accusation and investigation, of fraud or other corporate crimes, are: investigation of personal and business documents, searches of you office and/or home, property seizures, police interview, freezing of assets and possibly criminal charges. The team of corporate crime lawyers employed by Eddie Stobart Barristers have the necessary skills and experience required to provide advice on the best tactical approach to adopt in the wake of each of these procedures being carried out. They are also able to secure the necessary forensic experts required to help build a defence case, as well as possible psychiatric and medical experts to testify to the psychological strain that a corporate crime investigation can put the accused under, and which call into question the clients’ psychological fitness to withstand a criminal case.

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