Qatar business leaders are at the heart of efforts to boost the global economy by breaking stalled international trade negotiations.

Members of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and executives from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) briefed World Trade Organisation (WTO) representatives in Geneva over progress being made with the ICC World Trade Agenda initiative.

The initiative was established in 2011 with the aim of defining a practical and forward-looking trade policy agenda that will contribute to economic growth and job creation, moving WTO trade talks “beyond Doha”.

The current WTO  trade-negotiation round began in 2001 in Doha, Qatar''s capital, and stalled in 2008 because of differences over a number of issues including agricultural import rules.

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There is a vicious stereotype surrounding the Middle East. It says that the entire region is war-torn, under developed and showing no signs of getting better any time soon. The truth is that the Middle East is an “up and coming” region. More technological advances are made there every day. More businesses open their doors and more people are showing the entrepreneurial spirit than modern media can keep up with.  It’s okay if you find that hard to believe, but maybe some of the following entrepreneurs will help you put that stereotype to rest.

Ehsan Bayat, Afghan Wireless
Ehsan Bayat Afghan wireless is a major new push in Afghanistan, and the story here is pretty inspiring. Bayat left the area to get his degree in New York but, once the Taliban had fallen, he returned to his native country intent on helping it rebuild. He started this effort by founding the Afghan Wireless Communications Company, the Bayat Foundation and playing a key role in the development of the Ariana Television Network. His foundation is starting a new Afghanistan beautification endeavor in which they give grants to people working to clean up the region. He was even considered as a candidate for President in 2009.

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