Keeping a good name is difficult but no without solutions. The key point of your running business is costumers. They hold the power over your company's good name or reputation. They also may direct where your business headed to. So, by treating them wisely you'll be able to maintain your good reputation. One of millions way to realize it is by giving the best service for your customers.

Firstly, customers who buy your products are equal so don't treat them differently. Assist them with more individual attentions. Secondly, good service is as effective as selling product. Keep in mind that service represents the capability and professionalism of your company. Next, it is normal when you are desperately difficult to find a solution to the problem you customer suffered from.

But leaving them without solution is also not a good idea, so you better give them alternative solution like offering someone or other company that is capable to help them solving their problem. With this good deed, instead of being frustrated your customer might not forget your kindness even if it is only a little suggestion and they will probably come for you in the future.

The fourth one, besides giving precious solutions, you must make your customers happy and satisfied. Avoid saying about unbreakable regulations. Give your customers impression that the rule of the company is flexible and open for another alternative. Furthermore, in running a serious business you must teach yourselves how to be a good leader. If you want your customers to be treated well, you must show and give your customer service the treatment you want them to give to the customers. The customer service may feel comfort with the situation, thus they will treat your customers like the way you treat them.

At last, the effort you attempt of creating good atmosphere for your customer service's mood may influence the continuance of your business. With good, helpful, and friendly customer service in your company, your customers will be satisfied and they will be coming back for more. (fallen)