Running business is not always selling product. Of course you should set your mind into this point but the more important of all is by establishing a better networking. Therefore, here are several easy steps you can follow to expand your business network. First of all, you can start the plan in developing your networking by attending specific meetings or events that suit your plan to network. It is useful to balance networking with other lead generating activities.

Secondly, you should choose the networking opportunities that allow you to meet people face to face especially those that seem like needing and interesting to what you offer. Thirdly, considering the reason why you are at the meeting is a good way to begin your networking. It means that your reason is to start a relationship, not selling products or services.

Next, you are recommended to offer your card to those who need it or ask for it from you. You shouldn’t give to any person you meet because this will waste your money and time. In building a relationship for your networking, it would be a good idea not to go in a rush. It means that you can enjoy the process by starting the relationship with asking questions. You can give questions to the person you meet regarding to their businesses or activities. This way you will figure out whether they suit your target or not.

Furthermore, you should remember that building relationship doesn’t mean that you cannot advertize your business. One vital thing you should know is that stop talking too much about your business or what you do. Perhaps a brief explanation about your business will help but you should avoid selling yourself.

Many people like to be heard. You should give impression that you are interested to what they do. Asking questions, listening, and engaging with people are the best ways to attract their attention. By learning their information, you can determine quickly whether they can be someone you can deal with the business or not.

Communicating with people can be really convenient if you show yourself as fun and relax person. Most people like to be with someone who are fun and enjoy himself. Moreover, one thing you should keep in mind in starting the relationship for your networking is avoiding spends too much time with same persons. You must manage that you should meet enough person in that limited time.

The last but not least, you can offer referrals to someone you meet to begin the relationship. This is a good way to develop business relationship. You will not lose anything because you are so much aware that someone you offer the referral is the one you want to do the business with.

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