Public Relations or PR is an occupation that has been taken its early start years ago. Even this knowledge is taught in many universities and schools which are specialized in affiliated majority. From time to time, the discipline regarding PR has as well been changing and improving, especially today when social media phenomenon strikes the internet.

The emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg, and others on internet influences PR specialists’ works. Not only capable of establishing good relationship with influencer – including the media – a PR today should be able to act professionally in conducting communication with consumers who are various in characters.

Consumers who had decided to join the social media networks leave the standard of speaking formally and sweetly out of their consideration. All they need is only a company spokesperson who is able to comprehend their needs and respond their complaint as fast as possible.

Most consumers desire to meet PR specialists who can conduct straight communication with them as well as make conversation. Therefore, a good PR must embrace the ability to speak based on the brand personality he or she represents.

The abovementioned things are essential as consumers have freedom to shout on the internet. It is also hard for many companies to cover up the disappointing or flawed products with traditional PR strategies. Apparently, the consumers’ behavior is not merely the major challenge for PR to face because the vast development and changes occurred in internet after the emergence of many social media networks need serious concern as well.

Three years ago, Friendster was a huge phenomenon in Indonesia, but since around a year ago Facebook has been drawing the enormous attention. After Plurk’s domination, microblogging in Indonesia is now dominated by Twitter. This change, more or less, affects the way a PR work because he or she should be able to recognize consumers’ behavior in each of social media which obviously different from one to another.

If you have passion to start new occupation as a PR for company, there are three competences you should learn. First is communication. The communication here is dealing with the ability to write in internet-style in casual language.

Second, you have to be aware of marketing concepts because you will be interacting with consumers. The last one is technology. You have to master technology, it means you have to understand how particular in-popular social media works in order to grasp the meaning of a new application implication toward the company or brand you handle.

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