Apparently, name holds important role. Just consider that by remembering your customers’ name, you can have them return to your store in another day. But if you have problems in remembering names, and the worse you may forget the name after 10 minutes later, you should understand that name has high function especially if your work is dealing with many people. There are some reasons why forgetting names so annoying and terrible.

It sometimes happens that you can only recognize faces and you are bad with names. Well, it is time to change your attitude. To avoid regretting and feeling guilty for forgetting someone’s name, you must seriously think about that it will be bad to keep making excuse and apologizing to someone whose name is totally forgotten.

Feeling nervous may trigger you to forget name and this can be bad if you are about meeting your new client for the first time. Since you are too self conscious about your first impression, you forget everything simple surround you including the client’s name. Well, in this situation you have to learn to focus on your client. Remembering your client’s names mean you are building strong customer loyalty. You can appreciate or respect your client by repeating his or her name once they introduced themselves to you.

If you are having trouble with remembering name from different culture than your own, you can try another strategy like learning the spelling, origin, or context of the name. Your clients may feel happy and appreciated as you are asking about the origin of their names, you can take chances from here by showing your care over their information. This can make them feel valued.

Forgetting name easily deals with memory. When the problem to remember your client’s name is suddenly appear after 10 seconds your clients spoke their name, you should start to widen the areas of your memory circuit and repeat them out loud inside your head. Once you hear the name, you speak the name, hear them, and make yourself to listen to yourself when you say the name, this way you can remember the name easily.

Again, you must practice to memory someone’s name over and over again with simple helps like remembering the client’s face and making eye contact when he or she speaks the name. You can also repeat the name in your head again and again while making conversation, this way you can find the characteristic from the client that makes you remember the name. In addition, you should always remember that attitude also something you must do to appreciate your client and yourself.