Have you ever walked around a wide and opened shop with a number of minimalistic products but has bad scent? The owner of the shop should be careful since bad scent of the perfume applied on the shop could make the customers cancel shopping and then runaway.

Our choice about the room perfume turns out affect the customer convenience. It could lead anxiety and bad mood so that they decide to leave the shop. A research conducted by Concordia University tries to figure out the effect of the surrounding scents to the shopping tendency of the consumers.

So, retailers or shop owners should be careful in adjusting the shop surrounding with certain scent applied to make the consumers convenient and increase the spirit to shop.  

It was conducted a research by applying three types of scents to a quiet shop and a crowded one. The result is the consumers did not feel convenient when they are in the opened shop with easiness surrounding scent. It has been concluded that the best scent to make the consumers comfort combining the opened scent on the crowded shop or vice versa. 

The attention to the scent spread on the shop is very concerned by Apple. In fact, this global technology company spends budget up to US$ 50.2 million last year to find the best scent for the consumers.