Have you ever walked around a wide and opened shop with a number of minimalistic products but has bad scent? The owner of the shop should be careful since bad scent of the perfume applied on the shop could make the customers cancel shopping and then runaway.

Our choice about the room perfume turns out affect the customer convenience. It could lead anxiety and bad mood so that they decide to leave the shop. A research conducted by Concordia University tries to figure out the effect of the surrounding scents to the shopping tendency of the consumers.

So, retailers or shop owners should be careful in adjusting the shop surrounding with certain scent applied to make the consumers convenient and increase the spirit to shop.  

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The ideas that places like Impact Learning teach to customer service teams encompass many different parts of the job. In some ways, customer service is one of the hardest things to do, and there are a vast amount of sides to everything. On the other hand, though, you can really boil it all down to one basic idea: Everything that you do needs to be about helping the customer have a positive experience.

This is the way that you should look at each decision that you make if you work in this industry. Is what you are saying really going to help the customer with their problem? Are there other things that they have not even asked for that you could do to make the experience better? The answer should be yes for each customer, each day. If you are doing something that is not negative but that is not necessarily positive either, staying right in the middle where things are easiest, you need to know that you could do more.

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Many of us have been faced with an unpleasant customer service experience.  Maybe we were met with a rude or unhelpful representative, or did not get the service that we expected.

When faced with a customer complaint, a consumer has several options available.  First, it is important to consider the type of business from which the complaint is being filed.  Each industry has its own customer complaint process. If the complaint is against a construction company, then it is important to know if the contractor is licensed.  If the contractor is licensed, then a complaint can be filed directly with the state licensing board, which will aide in the dispute against the contractor.  Complaints against banks may be filed with the Federal Reserve, or the Office of Comptroller.  Prior to initiating a complaint, it is important to have all documentation in order, and a clean case to present to the board.

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Imagine a potential customer searching for your company on Google and finding an article full of false and negative information. After reading the article, they decide to use one of your competitors and you''ve lost an initial sale and potentially a long-term client. For a new business, this could cause major issues since every new customer matters. Larger companies don''t want this to happen, but they may not feel the effect the same way a business in the growth stage will.

Not only could this potential client decide to use a competing business, but also they may tell others about the information about your company. They may even share the post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites causing others to avoid using your services or buying your products. The worst part, this happens more often than you might realize.

Combating Negative Publicity
Those deciding to go into business will, at some point, deal with negative press. It could be a bad review of a restaurant, your services or a product you carry or it could be something about an executive within your business. The press, especially online, feeds on negative information and will run with a story before checking the facts. 

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