In the world of business, promotions hold important role because it gives the business chances to attract potential customers through convincing offers that persuade customers to try services or products provided. Promoting the business can be carried out through some alternatives such as marketing stunts, sales, events, or giveaways with the purpose to enhance your business with a higher media profile.

How hard and how big the promotion you carry out will depend on the budget you have. If you come with limited budget, it is important to make a careful plan. With a tight budget you can attract as many customers you like if only you hire a professional to plan your promotions.

However, you can choose another way by using your time to work on it yourself. By taking care of the advertising on your own, it helps you to save money. Therefore, here are some major instructions you can do to make use your own skills to promote your business.

Target Your Customers

According to a marketing strategist, Barbara Findlay Schenck, you should determine a specific subgroup of customers as your business’ targets. She stated in Entrepreneur magazine that encouraging existing customers to shop more or attracting former customers involves different strategies than inviting new customers.

Locate Your Customers

Another strategy is implied by Lisa Cottrell-Bentley, a business owner. She described that particular event can be a great opportunity to promote your products, for example taking a chance to attract parents or children by holding an event at school. You can as well make an effort by donating to a school activity or attending local home-schooling gatherings. She also added that bringing former customers back by offering the information support through email or fliers would give great opportunity.

Promotional Announcement

The effective way to promote your business is by giving information of a special sale even or a product launch you are about to hold through your own website, banners, or press release. Your staff can be very helpful to explain to your customers how worth your products are. This strategy is another low-cost method to improve the target customers’ awareness.

Special Offer

When offering a new product or service, customers will be more interested into the products when they know what benefit the product can give them. So, giving the free samples of the new product or service for everyone at the product launch is a great effort to encourage their interests.

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