Marketing is always around us in one form or another. Since the day humans started trading marketing was there. With the passage of time the methods of marketing have changed and improved. Internet marketing is in great use these days. It is also known as digital marketing, e marketing, web marketing or online marketing. It is considered to be broad in scope because it not only refers to marketing on internet but also refers to marketing done through wireless media. It ties creative and technical aspects together including design, advertisement, sales and development. It uses a range of technologies that helps to connect businesses with their customers.

If the internet marketing is implemented correctly the return on investment can far exceed that of traditional marketing strategies. Any type of business you are conducting whether you sell products or offers services you can increase your sales if you advertise and market online.


An event of marketing and advertising held every year in UK. In this event different companies advertise their products and services. Many exhibitions and seminars held at this event, advertisers and marketers considers this event as the mega event for them, companies may get sponsors, marketers, customers for their products and services.

This will be the 11th year that this event will take place in UK. The platform of TFM&A is getting larger day by day because most of the peoples now know about it. This year the event of TFM&A will be based on the topic, “Facebook to unveil future vision”. There will be speeches and enlightenment that, how Facebook will unveil its future vision? The director of Facebook Stephen Haines will deliver a speech on the topic that will be based on “Facebook to unveil future vision” for the future of social web. Other speakers from eBay, eConsultants, Microsoft will also join this meet. Information on the importance of advertising the brands on Facebook will be shared here; common people will also be motivated to market their brands on Facebook which will benefit them. 

It’s not too far to speculate about this event, just few days and we will know all the facts behind this future vision. Facebook has always given lots of opportunities to enhance the business, this time seems it is coming with a bang, cross your finger, wait and watch!!!