Marketing attempt is not only about promoting or advertising. Marketing is much wider than that. There is an advertisement formula which is effective to use in marketing activities. What is the formula used by a company in their marketing activity? Promoting a message in a wide range area repeatedly, just like punching a consumers flurry every day. Advertisement world has shown that it is not enough to get closer to consumers only by one media. Instead, it needs various mediators to apply. Multi-media approaches are not only advertising a product but also marketing activity. It has been proven that repeating an advertisement through various tools will strengthen the message itself. These are several reasons why you need to repeat the message in the advertisement over and over in the marketing activity of your company.

1. Message receiver, either listeners or viewers will forget about 80 % – 90 % message delivered. It is normal regarding there are so many messages or other stimulus they receive every day. Competition is not only selling a product but also delivering a message related to product. The more your message gets the target, the more the chance to be remembered by forgetting the message of the rival.

2. Target of marketing and the market itself always changes. Because the technology development because of mobility social or other reasons, the market you want to break is never be static. The change in the market should be pursued, instead of waiting, just like the old-fashioned marketing pattern. Pursuing the market means repeat the message by assuming that every message delivery is the always the first. There is no word “too often” in delivering marketing message.

3. Do not doubt to test a new idea or re-test the idea which has been tried. The target of the marketing is always moving so it needs variety of ways to reach them. Yesterday approach might not be effective for today. Vice versa, the old ways which were not effective yesterday, might be effective for today.

4. Repeating message should reach new targets. The effect of overfullness to a message should be counted in facing traditional targets. New targets can be such business addition that may replace the targets which are no longer effective.

5. Recognize and apply a dialogue with consumers continuously. In that way, your company can detect what wanted by the consumers. Through mutual discussion, there will appear new business opportunity. Mostly, there is reluctance of the company to often contact the consumers because they are afraid if they bother their consumers whereas it is possible if the consumers consider it as a good attention given by the company.

6. Marketing targets need to be pushed to buy your product. When delivering various advertising messages, do not forget to push the target to buy the product or service offered by your company. Experience shows that delivering message should be done couple times before consumers clearly make a transaction. This effort is getting more important regarding that buyers come and go sporadically. It is so pitied when someday a consumer would like to buy but you are not there.

7. Arrange the attendance and appearance in front of the buyers. Active marketing like a good commercial, has characteristics such as the appearance when need is always complete with all information and able to attract viewers. It means that the marketing activity is planned based on the schedule of the marketing target. It is for giving a sense that you are always there when need especially when the consumers want to buy. So, it needs neatness in appearing or stay connected to the consumers. Use the chance to keep in touch by showing the product or the service as best you can, as complete as needed, not only what you think important to know for them.

8. Apply marketing activity continuously. It only succeeds when it is done continuously and regularly. Repeating promoting message or repeatedly visiting should be based on the mature working system, calculate the consumers’ need and also their activity schedule. The more important is follow up. It is such a test step to all promises you often said when offering your product or service.

Consumers hate when they get not like what promised. It will make them won’t get connected to you anymore. The worse, they will talk their dissatisfaction to their relatives. As a consequence, you are not only losing one customer, but also a number of customers. Be consistent with your promotion is the most effective strategy ever.

The regular and continuous appearance in marketing activity will affect the sale. But, full efforts do not mean that the outcome also gets bigger. Just maximise the resource and make your work pattern efficient.

In such a pattern, you and your marketing team will feel that they time to close the transaction is getting shorter. The step between the offering (either persuasive or promoting product or service) and consumers willing to buy the thing offered is getting shorter.

Avoid any sporadic marketing pattern, appear any time and when you have a time, or just apply one type of media, or even repeat the same message over time. It is all that make the consumers getting bored.

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