The vast improvement of internet technology has influence people’s lives worldwide. The significant enhancement is seen from the massive users of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace. Today, the number of Facebook active users around the world reaches over 250 million and they almost log in and update statues every single second.

Similarly, Twitter reaches 6 to 10 million users and MySpace users are 30 percent from total number of UK adults in age range from 15 to 24. In fact, YouTube admits to have million visitors who stream videos each day.

According to the newest research conducted recently, the situation shows the facts that email has been overtaken by social networking. As you see that email is recognized as the most effective digital communication in cyber world. The exact percentages reveal there are 66.8 percent internet users are utilizing social networks, whereas those who are still using email are measured in 65.1 percent.

However, apart from the success most social networking gained, there were two unwanted incidents happened. These inconvenient facts involved Toyota campaign by Saatchi &Saatchi and the Eurostar Twitter eruption. Well, everyone is expected to pay full attention toward those problems.

The first incident comes from Toyota began when there was a competition held by the company to encourage users to generate video content to publish their ideas. When the uptake was slow, Saatchi & Saatchi came with comment through the media stated, “No one has entered…at this stage, you could enter a picture of your cat playing in his kitty liver and win 7 grand.”

Thereafter, the video came as winner was in fact created by the agency and it invited users’ negative reactions since the content showed risqué humor. The further reactions delivered came out right after Toyota endorsed the winning video. Afterward, Toyota’s opinion was unfortunately getting low responses as well.

Similarly, Eurostar incident started when a tragedy happened where approximately 2000 passengers of Eurostar train were trapped underneath the Channel. Those passengers were poorly stuck inside the trapped trained for more than 15 hours. Since then, massive negative comments from the passengers were flooding Twitter, sooner the news spread.

Regarding this tragedy, Eurostar didn’t give serious concern about it and they were slow in giving reaction to the incident and they acted as everything was really normal. Instead of giving proper responses regarding the incident, they posted the latest offers when the trains had not even escaped the Channel. Indeed, it seems that everyone should be really wise in using the social networking in the future.