Marketing attempt is not only about promoting or advertising. Marketing is much wider than that. There is an advertisement formula which is effective to use in marketing activities. What is the formula used by a company in their marketing activity? Promoting a message in a wide range area repeatedly, just like punching a consumers flurry every day. Advertisement world has shown that it is not enough to get closer to consumers only by one media. Instead, it needs various mediators to apply. Multi-media approaches are not only advertising a product but also marketing activity. It has been proven that repeating an advertisement through various tools will strengthen the message itself. These are several reasons why you need to repeat the message in the advertisement over and over in the marketing activity of your company.

1. Message receiver, either listeners or viewers will forget about 80 % – 90 % message delivered. It is normal regarding there are so many messages or other stimulus they receive every day. Competition is not only selling a product but also delivering a message related to product. The more your message gets the target, the more the chance to be remembered by forgetting the message of the rival.

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In many marketing discourses, it is often mentioned that every company should focus to the need and interest of the consumers in the process of creating product and service will be offered. In reality, such statement is not definitely right. Many consumers are not aware of what they really need. For instance, an invention of iPod. This product is created, not from a survey from customer need. But it is purely from the sharp of the vision of Apple party, the company producing iPod.

The other example is a phenomenon product, Walkman by Sony in 70s. This product was born not by preceded with a consumer’s need research. The idea was purely rom the Sony’s executive at that time who tried to precede age’s taste.

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Recently people often utilize social network sites for helping them enhancing their business. Actually it is effective way regarding so many people across the globe using these networks on their daily activity.

However, if people don’t know how to manage the social network utilization, it could spend too much times ineffectively whereas time is very valuable.

Thus, there are a number of suggestions could be applied to make your time more effective when utilizing social network sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and others. Check these out:

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Traditional marketing efforts in modern business need to incorporate new ideas in order to compete with burgeoning technology. The Internet has introduced new approaches that, if properly implemented, enhance existing campaigns. Incorporating these tools as part of an already viable advertising effort has the ability to reach new customers and present valuable insights for existing clients. ECommerce marketing has quickly matured and proven itself as an effective tool in increasing customer satisfaction and providing greater options for interested new clientele. When planning on implementation for a new web based marketing program, it is important to realize that there are many facets that work together in creating a broad based and successful endeavor.

Ecommerce marketing requires careful preparation to effectively manage the various tools that are at the disposal of organizations. Executives should first consider the various marketing services that are already available to assist in web advertising. Many organizations have options, to help manage the overall campaign. These robust services offer a wide range of techniques that have been proven to showcase the message that a company wishes to present to the audience. These efforts allow wide distribution of various campaigns with minimal effort.

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