Bridge loans are short-term loans that many experienced real estate investors take advantage of, but they can also be used by first-time home buyers as well as new commercial real estate investors. Because these are short-term loans, they can provide real estate buyers with a source of capital when other funds are not readily available.

How Bridge Loans Work

This type of financing is not intended to be a permanent loan. Some bridge loans require the permanent financing to already be identified before closing can occur. Most, however, have a term that may range from about six months to 18 months, although this time frame can vary. Many permanent commercial and residential real estate loans require the borrower to pay a certain amount of money as a down payment, and closing costs are also due. For buyers who do not have these funds readily available, bridge loans can cover the initial cost of purchase. The buyers will then have more time to save money for the down payment and closing costs for the permanent loan, or the buyer may sell assets or obtain funds from other sources during this period of time.

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Almost every small business has inventory. And, unless you use a drop shipping company, you probably do that shipping yourself, for a fee. Shipping and handling fees are so ubiquitous now that most people don’t even think about it before agreeing to them. There are, however, benefits to not charging your customers a shipping or handling charge. Here are a few of them.

1. Customer Incentive

How many times have you wanted to buy something but then stopped yourself because that thing was heavy and you knew the shipping fees would wind up being expensive? What if you didn’t have to pay the shipping costs? Wouldn’t you be that much more likely to buy the product? Of course you would! Getting free shipping is often the perfect way to nudge a customer from the “hesitant”  column over to the “happy buyer” column. And, because you’ll be selling more products, you’ll make up for the costs involved in sending it out.

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Keeping communication with consumers is very important to do. The success in keeping the communication with consumers will bring success to your business especially for business which offers services. It is very imperative to keep trust of consumers for such businesses.

Here are several tips in order to keep in touch to your consumers to keep their trust to you.

Consumers are not the target of your sale. Building good relationship between you and consumers is more important than placing them as your sale target.  If the relationship is good, they will buy more from you no matter what thing you offer to them.

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One the various ways to improve the sale of your shop is by giving the value-added at the products you offer. With the tight competition, you have a challenge to be more creative and innovative when offering the products you sell to the consumers.

Typically, consumers will compare among the same products offered by various shops so that they will get the best deals among those. Sometimes the prices offered for the same products is also the same but the difference is the value-added you give.

Additional promo on the products could make the consumers more preferred to your products rather than others. So, just make the difference. The value-added could be applied by giving additional benefits such as providing more warranty from the typical. It could be formed like service guarantee from the shop.

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