For some people, Monday-Friday work schedule may turn into a very tedious hours, that is why they relatively willingly to try something new. If you want to have different work hours, you can try to explore new and creative jobs and today there are many options of such jobs you can find out there.

Among many options of jobs for creative flexible, and reliable people, you can find some of them are quite interesting, such as freelance writer, bartender, and substitute teacher. To be more specific, the best thing you can get of becoming creative freelancer is that you can plan your own schedule. Also, the flexibility of your won schedule may also be influenced by your self-initiative and persistence.

Thus, you must as well learn that another best thing to always remember is networking is the key for the job you choose whether you are a freelance writer, photographer, or editor. As a freelancer, you must always be ready to meet new clients and open to opportunity of your jobs. Also, besides taking benefits of making own schedule and built clients, you should notice that to meet deadlines is another important key for success. Later on, you can make further plan and make more money.

In fact, bartending is also another type of flexible job you can opt for, surely you must have good skills on this. Working as a bartender means you will be working on irregular hours and even you will have to work through the late night. So, if you are a nocturnal person, this bartending job won’t give you problems and it should run well.

The advantages of becoming bartender is you will be able to work in place like a restaurant or a bar, or even you can select different bars during different nights on a week. If you are really serious in this job preference, you can take serious course by attending bartending school to improve your skills especially in comprehensive drink-making education.

Apart from the bartending job, it is true that substitute teaching can also give you more flexibility. In details, a substitute teacher who takes place or fills in teachers or professors when they are unable to attend the class under particular circumstances. This job allows you to work in various different schools or district and you may give the lecturing once a week or once in a few months. It is said that substitute teaching is a very flexible part-time job you can turn into a full-time occupation.